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The Islander - Thursday 04th April 2003

BUDGET 2003/04

INCOME TAX - No Change




Wine - reduced to £1.80 per litre Spirits - reduced to £6.00 per litre

Cigarettes - increased to 80p per packet

Marine fuel - new rate of 5p per litre



Is always open to you
Roman Catholic service at the grotto,
every Sunday at 7pm
Further details: Maj J. Fason, Tel 2827
Mathil Bowden, Tel 4512

Priest responsible: Msgr A. Agreiter, St Mary's, Stanley,
Falklands, Tel +500-21204, Fax 222452

Thought for the Week

"We are God's work of art". Those of us old enough to have children will remember when they would bring to us their finger paintings and other artwork. They would be beaming with delight, eager to show off their masterpieces. And we were always so proud of them. We'd give them a big hug, hang their precious works of art on the refrigerator door, and tell them how proud we were of them, and their efforts. We were the parents, watching our children grow, reveling in their efforts and feeling joy at their accomplishments.

We are all the children of God. We are his works of art. He fashioned us and gave us life. He gave us the tools to conduct our lives in a good and honorable manner. Are we making him proud? Are we doing all we can with our lives to bring him joy in our accomplishments? All of us have made mistakes, we admit that. How we make amends is the true test of our faith and our commitment to God.

It has been brought up many times during this season of Lent that it is a time of reflection. To consider our life carefully, and to examine how we are living it. Are we as forgiving towards those who have hurt us, as our Father is with us? It is a time to search deep into our souls and truly forgive those who have caused us pain. To put the hurt and the bitterness and the anger behind us. Harboring these feelings will stand in the way of our own personal relationship with God.

When you look around the world, especially now with another conflict raging in the Middle East, we realize how much of the strife in this world has been brought about by these feelings. A sense of injustice, of mistrust, of betrayal. Anger and hurt can breed a longing for revenge. A desire to punish another for real or imagined injustices can exist on a personal scale or a much larger one. One ethnic or cultural group fells slighted or mistreated at the hands of another and hatred grows until it is out of hand and skirmishes explode into conflicts that can rage for years, decades, even centuries.

God taught us to forgive, to treat all among us with love and respect. When were these teachings set aside? My oldest son, when he was only six or seven, was with me in the car one day. The news was on the radio, with stories of yet another conflict, in yet another country. With the innocence of childhood, he looked at me and asked "Why can't everyone just get along?" I had to answer truthfully that I didn't know.

How can we expect countries to get along, if we harbor our own personal feelings of intolerance, resentment and anger? The fate of the world rests with each and every one of us, in our ability to forgive our fellow man. To follow Christ's teachings and extend our arms in love and friendship. But in order to do that, we have to find the courage to forgive, and to ask forgiveness for our own sins.

This is the first step to finding true peace in our lives and in our day. This is the truth that God has shown us in the readings today. That he is infinitely rich in grace, and is a forgiving God and that everyone who believes in Him may not be lost, but have eternal life. What a precious reward for following his teachings. The gospel states that the man who lives by the truth comes out into the light. Let us pray that we may learn from his example and in this glorious season of Lent that we may take his words into our hearts and discover the peace and grace that comes with true forgiveness. It is the time to leave the darkness behind and come out into his light.

The Grotto welcomes our friends of all faiths to join us at our services.


From the Editors:- Julia & Adam Henshaw

AnotherStill a compact edition of the Islander for the time being but lots of interesting articles.

Sunday lunch was cooked for a fare few of us last weekend for which I'm sure you will agree we were grateful (was it because it was Mothering Sunday or the fact that the Rugby was on later in the day!)

Julia (and Adam)

Letters to the Editor can be sent to


I would like to take this opportunity to bring you all up to date with developments within your Island Council.

These first months has proved interesting, but hard work. As you can probably imagine there are a lot of planning, legislation and policies to formulate in order to sow the seeds for the Island's future. I would like to first thank you all for your patience in bearing with me over the past four months.

Let me now take you through some of the things, which we have dealt with since being in office:

I trust that this information has helped to bring you up to date with our current activities and should any of you have any queries, or would like to raise any ideas with me, then please contact me on telephone/fax number 4459 or e-mail:

For those of you who are interested in listening to our Formal Council Meetings, then you are welcome to come along to the Council Chambers. Dates and times will be advertised.

Peter Thomas
Two Boats

The Met Office Weather Report


Statistics for the week ending Monday 31st March 2003

Max (deg C)
Min (deg C)
Rainfall (mm)

ASCENSION ISLAND: : An unsettled week to say the least. Shower clouds have been passing over or very close to the Island throughout. Lightning has been reported on many occasions but at a distance of around 30-40 miles at the nearest. Wettest day at the airhead was Tuesday when 28.9 mm during daylight . On Monday, 3.4 mm fell at the Airhead gauge between breakfast and lunch time. At the CSR site 6.3 mm fell in the same period. Such is the variability of rainfall over small areas on Ascension. Up to Monday afternoon at 1500 hrs month total of 53.0 mm which makes it 3rd wettest on record. At the CSR site similar total 56.6 mm. However the statistical month ends at 0900 on the 1st. Watch this space….

UK: A ridge of high pressure covered the UK at the start of the week with all parts dry but with overnight mist and fog patches slow to clear in some parts. Atlantic cold front brought occasional rain to the far north of Scotland later Wednesday through to Friday but as it moved south weakened and lost its identity. By that time troughs were approaching southern parts of England from France. Warmest places were Jersey (Channel Islands) on Wednesday and Saunton Sands (North Devon) on Thursday with a temperatures of 20 Celsius. Coldest daytime temperatures recorded at Cromer (Norfolk) on Thursday and Inverbervie (Aberdeenshire) on Friday with daytime maxima of 5 Celsius. Coldest overnight temperatures recorded at Altnaharra (Highland ) in the early hours of Monday morning when the mercury fell to Minus 5 Celsius. Sunniest place was Torquay in South Devon with 11.9 Hours. Wettest was Jersey with 13.6 mm on Friday.

FALKLANDS: Unsettled throughout with fronts and associated depressions crossing the Islands interspersed with transitory ridges of High pressure. Much of the rainfall fell on Thursday when 26.9 mm were recorded, representing 85% of the week's total. Coldest daytime temperature on Friday with 8.4 Celsius as the wind became southerly for a short time. Coldest night was Sunday into Monday when the temperature fell to 3.0 Celsius.

From the Constables Desk

For the month of March police have received and dealt with twelve reports. To give you an update on the most serious reports which are as follows: One female person from Travellers Hill was arrested for Theft. The case in still under investigation.

Four Road Traffic Accidents were recorded. All drivers were breath tested and three were found to be over the legal limit. One report of a Road Traffic Offence and as a result of the breath test the driver was found to be over the legal limit. These persons will appear before the court in due course. This spree of accidents are a cause for concern and we will be adapting a positive approached to continue to reduce them. As a result of one of the accidents one person sustained personal injuries. This we take as serious view when injuries are caused. Once again, I will bring to your attention that safety on our roads can only be maintained, if drivers are at all times conscious of their responsibilities. I would appeal to all drivers, if you are planning to drive, then don't drink, get someone else to drive your vehicle, who have not being drinking or take a lift with someone.

Whilst still onto traffic issues, there are still concerns that drivers are not adhering to the speed restrictions on the highway at the US Base. This is military property and you must observed the traffic signs both within the confines of this installation and those internationally. Over the past month you would have noticed that we have being working alongside CSR security staff to deter motorists from exceeding the speed limits. I would just like to remind you that the speed limit on this section of road is 30 m.p.h, so please observed and comply. If your vehicle is recorded in kilometres/ hour, here is a guide for you on the speed limits throughout the island. 40mph = 64 km/h
30mph= 48 km/h
20mph= 32 km/h

Now onto registration numbers, there are some vehicles being used on a road not displaying the correct number plates. Whist this may seems a trivial matter, it is best that all vehicles are fitted with the correct plates and to comply with the regulations. Every vehicle should be fitted with black letters and figures upon a white background on the front, and black letters and figures upon a yellow background on the back. Alternatively you can have white, silver or light grey letters and figures upon a black surface and every letter or figure shall be indelibly inscribed or so attached to such surface that it cannot readily be detached. The sizes of the letters and figures should be 3 ½ inches in height, 5/8 in width and the space between each adjacent letter or figures should be ½ an inch.

It has been noticed that children have being riding their bicycles on the road during the hours of darkness without lights. I will appeal to parents or guardians to make sure that your children's bicycles are fitted with the appropriate lights and reflectors for the safety of themselves and other road users. We will be having another bicycle proficiency test, which is planned for the forth coming month, therefore it is now time to start preparing.

Have a safe week!

WPC Sandra Crowie

Hash Trash

Hash number: 945 (Apologies omitted from last week's issue)

Hares: Goat & Fido Hounds

Hounds: Budweiser Belly, Barry Tone, Billy Graham, Yeti, Bloodsucker, Morticia, Joker, Hardcore Heidi, Island Boy, Penguin, Goat, Oh That Woman, Uncle Fester, Slap Head, Twin Peaks, Puff Grannie, Grim Reaper, Fluffy Bunnikins, Chicken Hawk, Rug Rat, Rusty Head, Buzz Lightyear, Pirate, Timo, Kevin

The meeting place was at Grazing Valley. There were a few nervous moments when the hounds were worried about the absence of the hare, wondering if we would be left to find the on-on by ourselves. The Major showed up finally, and off we went, as usual straight into a back arrow. When we found the right path off we went across the field. A bar check sent a few hardy souls off until the proper direction was finally established.

We headed up into the sugar lumps, the climb just an indication of what lay ahead. Lots of nicely placed circle checks along the way for the hounds. Seems there were more than a few tired hashers. Apparently the night before had left a number of the group a wee bit weary! We struggled on, up over a rocky cliff. The choice between steep or not quite so steep but dodging low branches caught a few hashers ducking! We stopped at the letterbox at Bullock's Pond., where a number of the little hashers decorated themselves with the stamps, obviously determined to not forget their visit. The visit of Hash No. 945 was duly recorded and off we went, up a hill of course.

After the next circle check, a few of the quicker among us headed to the next hilltop, while a few of the wilier stayed behind. Sure enough, the runners were soon back after discovering another back arrow. Seems Yeti has decided to take over Titpecker's job of ferreting out all the back arrows!

Finally, after admiring the vistas, the route took us down. After some tricky navigating through a gully, it was on to easier footing and the runners were off. The rest of the hounds straggled in, some moving a little quicker than others. Food and refreshments followed and everyone had a chance to recuperate.

Thanks again, Major, for another terrific hash. You sure know how to set them!

Next week: The green building at Turner's parking lot, Traveller's Hill
Hares: Fluffy Bunnikins & Slap Head

Hash number: 946

Hares: Fluffy Bunnikins & SlapHead

Hounds: Dick Head, Yeti, Bloodsucker, Uncle Fester, Boots, Mama 3 Bones, Hardcore Heidi, Mildew, Island Boy, The Major, Joker, Night Owl, Budweiser Belly, Grim Reaper, Mr. Bubbles, Chicken Hawk, Buzz Lightyear, Pirate, Fido, Judy, Ron, Kevin, Jim, Sophie B. Chefs: 100 Watt, Fraser & Steve

The big green building in Turner's lot was where the hash started, not too difficult to find! After a brief delay while the Grim Reaper was sent home to get some forgotten grub, we headed off behind the building. Our little ChickenHawk decided to get his weekly wipeout out of the way early and took his tumble two steps after the on-on was sounded!

It didn't take long for the pack to get separated in the thorn bushes. A few decided to follow Island Boy's fluorescent orange hat instead of the hash. Not a wise decision! Eventually we all met up again and continued on to the road. Apparently the hares laid the hash in the heavy rain and tried to claim that any confusion was caused by it getting washed away!

On-on across the road. It didn't take much thought to know that the rocky cliff on the way to Devil's Riding School was on the route, even if finding the on-on was a tad difficult. Finally it was found and off we went, scrambling up the long incline. Not too much running although a few of the hounds still managed to get pretty far ahead of the rest.

Down onto the flats of the Devil's Riding School was almost as hard as the uphill climb thanks to the loose gravel and unsure footing (even more than usual!) thanks to the recent rains. Budweiser Belly and Bloodsucker both found out first hand how the recent downpours had weakened the ground!

Once on the flats, the pack again got separated. Some of the hashers, who shall remain nameless, seemed intent on blazing their own trail. Finally, after some scrambling across gullies trying to get back on the trail, we reversed direction and started the uphill climb again.

SlapHead's hollers of on-on trying to recover the lost souls was heard again a few times on the way back. He tried to keep us all on the right path but at times he was fighting a losing battle. Once we crested the top a few of the slower folks attempted to catch up with those already at the circle check by the road. Boots and Mama 3 Bones were spotted making an energetic dash down the hill, followed by a few others.

Once across the road another climb challenged us. Again a few hashers went their own way. A few (The Major, Yeti, Mildew and others) were spotted on another hill altogether! Directionally challenged, definitely! Once we topped the hill and the big green building was sighted it was every hasher for himself. A mad dash through the thorn bushes again as the smell of the barbecue beckoned. Budweiser Belly's warning of "Cactus, Toni" was appreciated by the lady in question. Scratches and scrapes later it was back to welcome refreshments.

All survived and were rewarded with a terrific spread. Many thanks to the excellent chefs 100 Watt, Fraser & Steve. A special thanks to Fraser & Steve who supplied the fantastic fish, caught that very morning! Thank-you to Fluffy Bunnikins and Slap Head for a challenging hash. Great job!

Next Week: Two Boats Football Pitch (Base of Green Mountain)
Hares: Island Boy & Yeti

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