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The Islander - Thursday 20th March 2003



Last weekend Ireland came to Ascension, as "Keltic Reign" performed at the pierhead.

Tensions were high, around the island, during the week as the concert was relying on the aircraft arriving from the UK on time. Arrive it did, and so the long awaited "Musical Extravaganza" was going to happen.

As it was St Patrick's Weekend I realised that to truly get into the Irish theme, consumption of a few cans of the "Old Black Stuff" were necessary.


So the night had come, after months of advertising around the Island, "Keltic Reign" were introduced on stage, by Steve Woolasten, and began their set of traditional Irish and modern music.

As the music started the children amassed at the front of the stage lumi-sticks waving in their hands and dancing. It took a while longer for the adults to join in…..

An additional highlight of the evening, was the rendition of the Irish folk song "Molly Malone" performed by the pupils of Two Boats School and "Keltic Reign", congratulations to all the pupils involved.

After a great set, the party continued into the wee hours thanks to the Disco. An excellent evening was had by all, and many thanks should go to all involved in organising this event.

Let's hope it wont be long before something like this happens again

News From St. Mary's:

ASCENSION ISLAND (Diocese of St. Helena)

Rev. Brian Birchmore
Church Warden: Mervyn Isaacs
Church Warden: Cheryl Anthony


Last Friday's concert by 'Keltic Reign' was a welcome sound after the heavy swell that had closed down the pierhead altogether over the previous few days ...... there was activity again where there had been only the crashing of huge stormy waves to accompany the silence of inactivity ...! It was great to see so many people out in the 'container arena' and in good spirits, jigging to the music and enjoying one another's company to celebrate St Patrick's weekend. Most of the Island were there I would guess, on what was a cooler, balmy evening instead of the sweltering humidity of the rest of the week. #Life is often like that with its patterns of busyness and activity and those other times of refreshment and silence. We were thinking about St Patrick in church yesterday - that Cornishman who became the great missionary to Ireland and was adopted as their patron saint. He spent nearly twenty years withdrawing from the storms that had threatened his life - years when he gained the strength and encouragement to go and spend the rest of his life in activity, walking around the Emerald Isle making saints and establishing Christian communities.

Maybe we all need those times when we STOP and take time to reflect and refresh ourselves; the trouble is that here, where everything is so pleasantly 'laid back' , some of us find difficulty in dealing with any activity and getting ourselves motivated again. Yet we all need a balance of activity and relaxation if we are to be complete people. An old Archbishop of Canterbury likened life to the sea; on the surface there are always waves and storms - the ups and downs of life, but down below in the depths of our being there is a stillness and quiet that provides the balance that puts our anxieties and busyness into proper perspective. The 'storms' and inactivity are passed for the present - enjoy the week and all that you have to do!

Fr Brian

Lessons for next Sunday (Lent 3) - Exodus 20, 1-17 and I Corinthians 1, 18-25

Wednesday 19th March - Informal Lent discussion ('The Bible') at 8 pm at The Vicarage

REMEMBER 30th March at 10.30 am - MOTHERING SUNDAY FAMILY EUCHARIST (with flowers- aircraft permitting!)



Is always open to you
Roman Catholic service at the grotto,
every Sunday at 7pm
Further details: Maj J. Fason, Tel 2827
Mathil Bowden, Tel 4512

Priest responsible: Msgr A. Agreiter, St Mary's, Stanley,
Falklands, Tel +500-21204, Fax 222452

Thought for the Week

With God on our side, who can be against us? Words of wisdom, this excerpt from Romans. How true are these words? How many times in our lives have we turned to God in our times of trouble? Most of us do. I know that when I have been going through really tough times, I always remember something my mother said. She told me to give my troubles to God and his angels, and let them take care of me. He knows what is best and everything will work out according to His plan. Sometimes we find His plan difficult to understand. We may think that He isn't listening to us. We even feel that he isn't answering our prayers. Sometimes we feel abandoned and all alone in this world. .

Unhappy, even tragic events have happened to all of us. It is inevitable that we will lose loved ones through death. It is especially painful to lose family members and dear friends at an early age through accident or illness. Many among us have suffered through difficult times with family problems, financial setbacks and all manner of trials. But it is always true that all one has to do is look around in this world and we will find someone whose problems are far greater than ours. And even in the depth of our despair, there is always something good to hold on to. When a loved one dies, others are there to hold us when we mourn. When troubles arrive, often there is someone we can lean on. And there is always God. With God on our side, who can be against us? With God on our side, we can withstand anything that life sends our way.

But how many times when we look back over events in our lives, do we then realize that He was with us all along? That He was guiding our steps, supporting us when we were overwhelmed by our lives and our problems. Even when we thought we were facing something on our own, He was there. That He was giving us the strength to carry on. That when there was only one set of footprints in the sand, it was He who was there, carrying us. We realize that without His help, we wouldn't have made it through.

And how many times have we thought that when he wasn't listening to our prayers, he truly was. That he knew better than us. How many prayers uttered with fervency are we now glad that he didn't answer the way we wanted him to at that moment? Like the words of the song: Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. He knows what is best for us, He knows how our lives are meant to unfold. We have to do our best, live the best lives we can, and leave the rest up to Him.

In this season of Lent, it is a time for reflection. To reflect on our lives so far, to recall the many times that God has been with us, the many times that he has been our source of strength and comfort. It is a time to renew our faith in God, our trust in Him, and our commitment to Him. He is our greatest ally as we travel the twisted and sometimes torturous path of our lives. If we welcome Him into our lives, He will guide us and protect us. For truly, with God on our side, who can be against us?


From the Editors:- Ed Jones & Jon Black

Another compact edition this week as we are still experiencing technical difficulties with the printing machines. Still recovering from the "Party on the Pierhead", an excellent night!!!

To answer the question posed last week , the "little cutie" was me! (Ed) Revenge will be sweet Julia and Sian. Have a great week,

Ed Jones & Jon Black


Dear Ed

Whilst pondering the problem that traffic congestion causes 'down-town Georgetown' every Saturday morning Ive just had the most brilliant idea , I'm amazed no one else has thought of it; the solution is sooooo simple!

Everyone should leave their car at One Boat Dump and get a relaxing ride in on the bus (the Georgetown Flyer)- you know it makes sense. We could all have a stress free journey to the shopping Mall and road rage would be a thing of the past on Ascension! If the scheme took off future developments could even include a stop en-route for a mug of tea and bacon butty at Sleazy Sam's Slop Shop (Planning permission applied for)- thus ensuring we arrive at Solomons not only with the energy to walk around the whole store in one foul swoop but also with enough energy left to enter the inevitable punch-up for that much sought after 'last' carrot!!


PS AIG please note that I do not charge for my good ideas.

Dear Editors

My father was stationed on Ascension Island during WWII. His name is Marion Fleming. He was a Staff Sergeant with the USArmyAirCorp and was there for three years.

A good friend of his was George Teyeyck (Ten-Ack). If there is anyone in the group who has knowledge of either my dad or his friend, I'd like to hear from you. Or if you know of any way to get into the "history" of the US forces on Ascension Island from 1943 to 1945...I'd also like to hear about that as well...

Thank you..


Dear Editors,

Regards to you from the UK, and from one who has never been closer to Ascension Island than Lanzarote. The only connection I have with A.I. is, my grandfather Joseph Frizzell (b. 1885, d. 1969) went out from the UK to South Africa before the 1st World War, about 1910.

He was a blacksmith and boiler-maker, had served his time on Tyneside, and hoped to improve his fortune. In the event his young wife, my grandmother, wished to return to South Shields and to her relations, so their stay was not long. Granda's cousin who accompanied them stayed on and prospered, becoming the proprietor of a steelworks in Benoni, S.A. The point of all this is that he took photos of the boat trip out in 1910, but never annotated them. Some negatives survive, but no-one now alive knows for certain what it is that they show. Four of them are pictures of a small port, which could be Georgetown. I attach a low resolution jpeg of one of them, in the hope that you can confirm the locale shown. I have compared this with the pics on the A.I. website, and can see pointers towards it being that, but nothing definite.

Please identify, if you can. If you might wish to have the other photos sent, just ask. These show an interesting stairway rising from the Customs House to the top of the ridge with buildings up there. (If they might be of interest, can you decode xif files, which bear more detail than jpegs?) All of this is free to be published in your newspaper if you wish, if of course it relates to Ascension Island.

Best wishes, Alan Frizzell.


Letters to the Editor can be sent to


RAINBOW GUIDES - Tiffany, Emily, Suzanne, Sophie H, Jade, Grace, Sophie B, Dayna, Rachel and Sharae - display THE BIG HAIRDO, which they expertly created on dolls brought in for their meeting last Thursday.

This was done in recognition of RED NOSE DAY! Didn't they do well! During their meeting they remembered children in Africa who are less fortunate than them-selves who do not have nice toys to play with and good food to eat. Well done girls!



Hello from Two Boats School

Birdwatch 2003

On Friday 7th March Father Brian Birchmore conducted the school assembly and spoke to the pupils about the meaning and importance of Lent. At the same assembly Richard White announced the results of the Birdwatch competition that the Conservation Officers had set up in Late January.
There were six winners who each received a certificate. The four infant and junior winners were:

Adam Fowler
Kyle Francis
Jade Benjamin
Charlotte Bones.

They each received a tee shirt sporting the Ascension Explorers logo.
The Secondary school winners were:

Ricco Williams
Bronwyn Joshua

Their prize was a year's subscription to the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Commonwealth Day

Last week's assembly was devoted to the Queen's Message to the Commonwealth for Commonwealth Day, which was Monday 10th March. The message is reproduced below

A message for Commonwealth Day from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Head of the Commonwealth

Among my cherished memories of my Jubilee celebrations last year were those connected with the Commonwealth - in particular the visits to Jamaica, New Zealand, Australia and Canada.

There was also the undoubted success of the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester both as a great sporting and Commonwealth occasion, and as a tremendous expression of the host city's community spirit. Launching the Baton Relay from Buckingham Palace on Commonwealth Day last year was one of the many colourful events leading up to the Games.

A few days before, I had opened the 2002 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Coolum, Australia. That summit charted a new course for the Commonwealth, confident of the important contribution the association can play as a force for good in the world.

What we have in common makes the choice of this year's theme for Commonwealth Day, 'Partners in Development', so fitting. We are reminded daily that we live in an interdependent world. And yet there exist great global inequalities, with millions living lives of deep poverty and deprivation, which present a great and constant challenge to the notion of commonwealth. Under these conditions, peace is often more difficult to sustain while precious natural resources and the environment are threatened, economic growth and activity may be impeded as well as the benefits of modern technology denied to many.

Working in partnership is essential if the nations of the earth, whether they be developed or developing, are to build a better, more secure and more sustainable world. Only together can governments and peoples create just, open and democratic societies. And through a sense of partnership and mutual respect we should be able to recognise that we all share a common humanity, regardless of who we are or where we may be from.

In all this, the Commonwealth has much to offer. It is a unique global grouping, spanning every region of the world and including in its membership countries of all sizes and stages of development. It is an association of peoples as well as governments and, as we particularly celebrated last year, it is a body which cherishes the richness of its diversity. The special role of the Commonwealth in development was spelt out once again in the Coolum Declaration and at the meeting of Commonwealth Finance Ministers in London last September.

2002 was for me personally a special year - and it was also an opportunity to recall those elements of my life, notably the Commonwealth, which have been of enduring importance. Appreciating just how far the Commonwealth has developed in the last fifty years is surely a cause for great hope in the future.

Elizabeth R.
10 March 2003

Keltic Reign

Thirty of our Junior pupils sang with the Keltic Reign group at the Pierhead on Friday night and as well as enjoying themselves they certainly performed well. Thanks are due to Mrs Wendy Joshua for conducting the practices. Unfortunately, because of the wind, the art work that the pupils had completed to help decorate the set, could not be displayed.

David Higgins.

The Met Office Weather Report


Statistics for the week ending Monday 17th March 2003

Max (deg C)
Min (deg C)
Rainfall (mm)
ST. HELENA 24.9 19.7 15.6
36.26 (in 24 hours)

ASCENSION ISLAND: Bright with sunny or clear periods much of the time, but a few sharp showers occurred late Tues and early Wed. Further showers were seen late Thur and during Fri. Fri was the warmest day with 31.9C at the Airport.

UK: The week started unsettled with strong SW winds on Mon and Tue, with showers or longer periods or rain. The wettest place was Loch Glascarnoch in the Highlands of Scotland with 36.2mm. The last of the rain died out on Wed as an anticylone moved in, bringing dry weather for the rest of the week, but with mist or fog patches each morning. The warmest places were Scampton on Monday, Lossiemouth on Sat and Manchester on Sun with 15C. The coldest places were Altnaharra on Fri and Kinbrace on Sun, both in the Scottish Highlands, with -6C.

FALKLANDS: A very unsettled week with a succession of depressions and frontal systems bringing rain, heavy at times, or showers and gale force winds. However, Sunday was an exception being mostly bright with sunny periods and only a few light showers but with winds fresh to strong.

Hash Trash

Hash number: 944

Hares: Goat & Fido Hounds

Hounds: : Major, Predator, Skipper, Yeti, Bloodsucker, Mama 3 Bones, Slap Head, Dick Head, Island Boy, Grim Reaper, Fluffy Bunnikins, Baywatch Babe, Mr. Bubbles, Hardcore Heidi, Mildew, 100 Watt, Budweiser Belly, Oh That Woman, Puff Grannie, Uncle Fester, Barry Tone, Chicken Hawk, Buzz Lightyear, Rusty Head, Matt, Timo Apres Hashers: Titpecker, Diane, Elliott, Sophie B, Joker, Joan

The meeting place was the Two Boats playground. All hopes that the little hashers had set the trail and would it consist of a few quick turns around the playground were dashed when the on-on sent us off in the direction of the pool. We passed that by as well and headed off down the hill, through the thorn bushes. This was just a taste of what was to come. After a brief downhill spurt we crossed the road and the real fun began. The on-on led us straight up the side of the hill, a challenging climb up loose klinka. You know it's not good when the only thing to grab hold of to keep oneself from sliding down are thorn bushes! And you grab them anyway! A lot of huffing and puffing (where is that wind and you need it?) and we eventually reached the top.

As usual, a steep tough climb was rewarded with great views, and a circle check! If going up was a challenge, coming down the back side towards Traveler's was almost as bad! Although we did get a little wind. Slippery slopes, more thorn trees, and loose rocks knocked a few of the hashers on their backsides, including our fearless leader Fido. Proof that there is some justice in this world. Mildew decided that the thorns from last week weren't quite enough, and decided to tangle with a few more this time. A bar check at the road sent the hounds off in different directions looking for the route. Of course it headed off downhill, away again from Two Boats. We soon veered off back towards Traveler's. A few of the weary hashers were heard grumbling about the forty minute estimate for the hash since we just kept moving farther away.

A short hop across the hot open ground and we were rewarded with a nice cool circle check in the shade of a building. Juice was handed out, really convincing us that we still had a long ways to go. It was refreshing, however! On-on down the road and into the parking lot of the gym, where to our surprise, transportation awaited to return us to Two Boats. The ride was shunned by a few hardy souls including Matt, Yeti, Hardcore Heidi and Fluffy Bunnikins (although the ladies later hitched a ride). Back at the playground Diane and her little helpers, Elliott and Sophie B arrived with a great spread and the après hash festivities got off the ground. Joker and Joan showed up a little while later. Apparently they got lost on the way and missed the start so they made amends by hiking Sisters.

Titpecker showed up for customary burying of his hash shoes (surprisingly he does wears shoes to hash). He is off to the UK to spend the next few months working on a cruise ship guiding birding tours to other remote spots. Tough gig, Richard! Best of luck in all your future adventures.

We hope to see you in this part of the world again soon. We will miss you. Who will we try to keep up with now? Thanks Fido and Goat for a great hash and a great time!

Next week: Grazing Valley

Hare: Major


The Presentation of awards was carried out on Sunday 16th March at around 1900 hrs. Because of the time delay. H.H the Administrator sent his apologies for not being available to present the trophies, but put in his presence for a short while to see part of the six-a-side football final.

Winning Teams as follows:

Eleven-a-side football.
Jimmy Lawrence Knockout cup
Winners - Refugees
Runners up - VC United

Six-a-side football Jeffery Hercules cup
Winners - Refugees
Runners up - VC United

Winners - Outlaws, 42pts Capt T. Leo
Runners up - CSR, 41pts Capt D. Bedwell

Best bowling average - Timmy Leo - 19/63 Outlaws
Best Batting average - Robert Henry - 93.5 Georgetown

Winners - Travellers Hill, Capt Sheena Johnson
Runners up - Wideawakes, Capt Cara Young

On behalf of our Chairman Mr Donald Johnson who is away in the UK at the moment we would like to thank all Referees, Umpires, Scorers and the Spectators and most of all the competitors for making the tournaments a success. Thanks to Mrs Valerie Phillips for presenting the awards.
The evening was rounded off with lots of eats.

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