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The Islander - Thursday 5th December 2002

Double Whammy!!

Congratulations to Chris and Penny on the birth of Ethan Christopher George, born on Tuesday 26th November weighing 9lbs 3 1/2 oz
Congratulations to Paul and Sarah on the birth of Jasmine Rhianne Bennett, born on Wednesday 27th November, weighing 7lb 4oz


Father Brian Writes:

ASCENSION ISLAND (Diocese of St. Helena)

Parish Priest: Rev. Brian Birchmore 6431
Lay Minister: Jane Randells 6415
Churchwarden: Mervyn Isaacs 6230
Churchwarden: Cheryl Anthony 6147


"You could have heard a pin drop ….."

There was a moment when about 20% of the population of the Island stood in absolute silence as children and many adults held up their lighted oranges on Sunday night for the annual Christingle Service. That silence was incredibly moving in the darkened Church with the lights flickering as we thought about the coming of the Light of the Christchild of Bethlehem …… even the smallest toddlers were quite still!

The prayers were prepared by five of our School children - the two School Captains, Justine and Leroy, with Shalane, Conori and Luke. The Christingle song, sung with gusto to the tune of 'Sing Hosanna', was accompanied by Mrs Wendy Joshua on her guitar. It was one of those occasions when one wants to say a BIG "thank-you" to all who came and gave so generously and to those children and adults who prepared the Christingles with such care (and hilarity!).

Thanksgiving Day for the USA was a memorable celebration last Thursday, hosted again by the USAF to which well over 60% of the population attended to enjoy and share their generosity with 'mountains' of food, fruits and drinks provided. It was not only a symbol of the part the US plays in the daily lives of their work force, but also a sign of their care for the Island's wider community. We are grateful to Major Fason and his staff who provided such a splendid Celebration and to those who hosted our attendance.

Thanks for Service
This week an unusual event took place on Monday afternoon outside St Mary's Church. A contingent of the Royal Engineers paraded in order that their Colonel could present a number of Jubilee and Long Service medals to Territorial Servicemen and others who are working on Ascension Island at the present time.
How good it is that this place - so long associated with HM Forces should be the chosen venue to honour these soldiers. Their medals will be a constant reminder of Ascension Island and their stay here, which we all hope they will have enjoyed!

I wrote of "comings and goings" last week - and still they continue with a mixture of enthusiasm and sadness.
Have a good week and safe journeys to all those travelling

Fr Brian
Lessons for next Sunday 8th December Isaiah 40, 1-11 Mark 1, 1-

The Visit by HRH Princess Anne


Her Royal Highness is greeted at the Pier Head by some enthusiastic supporters






HRH meets the Rev Brian Birchmore & his wife Daphne. In the background are Signaller Mark Sinitt and Lance Corporal Chris Dawson from the Royal Signals, of which HRH is the Colonel-in-Chief
HRH Presents Queens Jubilee Medals to Inspector Reg Williams and Constable Timothy Leo. Sergeant Anthony Clingham also received the medal but was unable to be present because of official duties.
HRH meets the Councillors at the reception at the Residency
HRH learns about environmental health
HRH in discussion with Tara George and Richard White at the Conservation Centre



The Second Island Council Meeting will take place on Thursday 5th December 2002 at the Obsidian Hotel starting at 6.00 pm.

The Agenda is as follows:

1. Minutes of the last meeting

2. Matters Arising

3. Education Policy Paper

4. Harbours (Ascension) Ordinance 2002

5. Marine Rescue Policy Paper

6. Formation of the Finance Committee

7. Any Other Business

Members of the public are welcome to observe. However, whilst the meetings are being held at the Obsidian Hotel space is limited.

An open letter to the citizens of Ascension and St Helena

American Legion Post 363 has sponsored events like the Chili Cook-off/Ray Beano golf tournament, Casino Night and Dew Pond run. Donated funds to the Scouts, Guides, St Helena Hospital, charities, individuals and groups in need. The funds to make all this happen were generated through sales (T-shirts) and offering games of skills and chance (pull-tabs & punch boards).

The US Air Force regulations governing organizations and how funds are generated on military installation has changed. The Legion can no longer raise monies for local organizations and charities by selling games of skill and chance in the Volcano Club.

We will be looking into alternative means of generating funding to meet the community needs. Until the Legion can find a different means of generating funds, it is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that the Legion can no longer offer financial support to the community.


AIG is seeking to privatise the Georgetown Galley and are inviting expressions of interest from parties who would be interested in taking over the operation of the Galley, currently operated by the Ascension Island Works and Services Agency.

Interested parties should register their interest in writing or by e-mail to the Administrator's Office by Friday 20th December 2002.

Loan funding to help establish the venture may be available to eligible parties from the St Helena Development Agency.

A prospectus explaining the project in more detail, what information will be required in proposals from interested parties and how proposals will be evaluated will be sent to all parties who register an interest.

Office of the Administrator
Ascension Island

Tel: 00 247 6311
Fax: 00 247 6152

By the Headteacher -
Mr David HIggins

Hello from Two Boats School

Christingle Service

Members of the school attended and participated in the Annual Christingle Service last Sunday evening. The service was led by Father Brian and the children received their christingle and formed a circle of light around the church. Pupils from the school, Leroy Fowler, Justine Yon, Shalane Thomas , Luke Stroud and Conori Bell, read the prayers and other pupils helped to take the collection.

Father Brian told the congregation that the collection would be donated to the Childrens' Society and that the theme chosen this year for the Christingle service was 'Bullying'. He read accounts from two young people who had been bullied at school and how they had acknowledged the help given by the Childrens' Society in helping them overcome the problem.

School Anti - Bullying Policy

During the Christingle service Father Brian said that he was sure that bullying does not take place at Two Boats School but that "you never know". We at school do know that bullying does unfortunately occur in most, if not all, schools and, I believe, in many workplaces too.

It is because of this that we have drafted an Anti - Bullying Policy for the school. This policy has been approved by the School Governors' Committee and a copy will shortly be sent to the parents of every pupil in the school. We are committed to tackling any incident of bullying that comes to our attention and the policy gives guidance to pupils, parents and staff on measures that each may take to help eradicate bullying.

School Production

This is a reminder that the School Production will be held next Monday, 9th December at 7.30 pm. Tickets are selling fast and we have less than twenty left for sale. If you require a ticket please contact the school as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Carols at the Grotto.

Some pupils will be singing carols at the Grotto at 5.30 pm on Thursday 5th December and I know that anyone wishing to join them will be most welcome.

This is my final contribution to the Islander before Christmas and on behalf of all at school I would like to wish all readers a Peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

David Higgins


World AIDS Day 1st December 2002

Poems published to make us think.







AIDS means never knowing what you have until it's gone.
AIDS means never having children and watch them grow up.
AIDS means never being able to get married and grow old together.
AIDS means never go out in the sun and feel it beaming on your shoulders.
AIDS means never being close to your friends because they despise you.
AIDS means never being able to party and have fun.
AIDS means never being able to have a family.
AIDS means never seeing daylight.
AIDS means never thinking positive.
AIDS means never showing your emotions to the person you love.
AIDS means your life have been cut short.
AIDS means having this disease for the rest of your life.
AIDS means regretting that you are so stupid and caused yourself to contract a living death.

My name is Rebecca Andrews and I had sex with my boyfriend. After so many years had passed I found out that my life was ending. I had AIDS. My doctor asked me if I knew what HIV + AIDS stands for and I told her yes. This is what I said.
H is for human - with qualities, feelings and natural to mankind.
I is for immunodeficiency - when our bodies can't fight disease
V is for virus - germs that are smaller than any bacteria
A is for acquired - gained not born with
I is for immune - the bodie protection against disease
D is for deficiency - the amount of laking
S is for syndrome - having abilities of a younger person
'Do you know what you are you stupid idiot' my mum said t me.
'Yes I do' I replied.
'I'm stupid, I'm insane because I forgot to give my boyfriend a CONDOM again'.

I just want to be by myself
From the virus that's growing inside
Something deadly called HIV
All I want is to stay alive

Some one please 'help' me,
I don't want to die,
I just want to be free,
To laugh, sing, cry.

It was only one night,
It was just for a little fun,
But it turned into a fight,
And none of us won.

(We both ended up with aids)

My feelings

When I'm alone I wonder
What I did wrong
If only these tears I could conquer
The hurt which is eating me away inside

I've never felt so lonely
Cause all my tears I try to hide
I call for help, but no one came
I was scared and full of shame

My killer disease

From the age of nine I've had AIDS,
Good memories of the past, slowly fades,
Since everyone's found out,
Towards me, they act weird,
And deep down inside I'm terribly scared.

Reminding myself there's no actual cure,
Whether I want to live, I'm just not sure,
They think it's so easy, to have this disease,
But what they don't know is I'm awfully teased.

It makes me so sad to see friends together,
I wish I were apart of them, but that would be never,
When thinking these thoughts, I feel so low,
To heaven or hell, I'd rather go.

Every day and night, closing my eyes, I pray,
That soon, towards me, luck will find its way,
Never a day go by that I don't ever cry,
My life stinks terribly, it doesn't matter I'll soon die.

So why is it me that people pick on,
Mum wouldn't have AIDS, if dad had worn a condom,
This is the question I ask continuously,
But my brain just can't answer it,
I feel I just can't be free.

As every day pasts' I feel deep in my heart,
That soon some day, my life will fall apart,
Before that day comes, I've to prove I'm not different,
I'm going to show them that I'm just a decent.

I'm only a teenager, but I have a disease
It was passed from my father, to mother, and then to me
How could they be so thoughtless to do something like that
Now I'm the one who has to tackle it.

This disease is deadly, and cannot be cured
It's a life long thing
It's called AIDS.

I never thought it would be a part of me
It's here forever
And slowly killing me
But I'm not alone
I'm part of my AIDS family.

Sometimes I'm weak and feel a lot of pain
I just want it to go away
Because it's sending me insane.

This is a battle you cannot win
I'm trying to fight and attack it.
But it won't let me in.
Sooner rather than later, I will be gone
I didn't have choice
This disease was passed on
So think very wisely
Before you do something wrong.

Now it's too late
The heartache is done
Lying and cheating on your partner
Is not the way to have fun.

I guess my father is the one to blame
He made this mistake
And knows never to be disloyal again
Through his ignorance
He has given his family a life of misery and pain.





To give you an update on Police Activity, there were three crime reports, two of theft and one of criminal damage. The thefts were; a mechanics tool set stolen from Travellers Hill and two angle grinders stolen from Catherine Point. The report of criminal damage was to a motor vehicle left unattended at Travellers Hill. All of these reports are currently under investigation.

If you have any information in relation to these reports or are able to assist in anyway then please contact us. Any information given will be kept in the strictest confidence, or leave a message on the confidential Crime line 6777.

There was one report of a Road Traffic Accident, which occurred on the road near the junction to POL. Unfortunately personal injury was sustained by one of the parties involved, in addition the driver of one of the vehicles was found to be driving whilst over the prescribed limit. That person has been reported for prosecution.

For this year we have received and dealt with 17 Road Traffic Accidents. Out of this number, three persons were found to be over the prescribed limit and convicted in Court. One road traffic offence also resulted in the driver being over the prescribed limit and that offender was likewise convicted. The punishments for these offenders were fines and disqualification from driving.

These figures are a cause for concern and we are going to do a clamp down on drivers who drink and drive. Drinking alcohol, even in small amounts can impair your ability to drive. Drinking and driving can lead to serous traffic accidents, resulting in personal injury and damage to property. It could also lead to financial hardship, through loss of employment in relation to being disqualified from driving. So before you drive and drive, think twice of the likely consequences if you are caught.

With effect from this week until the end of December we will be conducting a drink drive campaign to reduce the number of persons drinking and driving. The idea of this campaign is that we will show high visibility presence on our roads to deter drivers' form committing such offences. We see this as a proactive approach as opposed to being reactive when something occurs. The exercise will take the form of stopping all drivers who commit traffic offences such as using a vehicle on a road with defects, not displaying the required lights, failing to comply with the traffic signs and suspicion of being over the prescribed limit.

To prevent yourself from being stopped, you are advised to, ensure that your vehicle is maintained and in an efficient working order. Do not consume alcohol, which could give rise to suspicion such as zig zaging and also observed the traffic signs. Owners of clubs have been approached and advised not to sell alcohol to persons whom they suspect have had too much to drink. We look forward to your cooperation during this campaign.

Magistrates Court.

On Thursday 24 October Nicholas Benjamin of Two Boats appeared before the Court on a charge of driving a Motor Vehicle on a Road whilst Over the Prescribed limit. He was fined £100 and ordered to pay costs of £30. He was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license for a period of 12 months. Lay Advocate, Mr. Johnny Hobson, represented Mr. Benjamin.

On Thursday 07 November Mr. Phillip Sharpe of Travellers Hill was charged for driving a motor vehicle on a Road whilst over the prescribed limit. He was fined £150 and order to pay cost of £30. He was also disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving license for class A for a period of 12 months. Lay Advocate, Mr. Lawson Henry, represented Mr. Sharpe .

R M Williams
Insp. of Police



From the Editors:- Adam, Julia, Jack, Sophie and Emily

Hello readers

It's been 2 girls 2 boys and now another girl, so if the cycle is to continue it should be a girl next.

It's the start of the festive season, the build up to Christmas, the shop is playing carols and is full of festive produce and there are loads of parties going on. We hope you all have a lovely time and that Santa brings you all you wish for.

You may have noticed some activity at the end of the Exiles Building, which is a new fishing shop. It isn't officially opening until the New Year but I'm sure they won't turn your money away if you're passing and they're there. Good luck to Chris and Soni on their new venture.

This is our last issue now until after the New Year so we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends on Ascension and St Helena a Very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year see you out and about.





From the retiring Internet Editor: Laura Handley

I have now been an internet editor for the past 2 and a half years but due to other commitments, I can unfortunately no longer afford the time to compile the internet version of the islander. I would like to thank those people who provide feedback on the site, it is appreciated and the only reward we get as the paper is produced on an entirely voluntary basis. .

I am always totally amazed by how many readers the internet Islander has and the range of people who log onto our website, it's good to know that people are able to keep up to date through our work, whilst I'm on the subject - We're fine Mum!

Hope you continue to enjoy the Online Edition!

Letters to the Editor can be sent to


The Met Office Weather Report

ASCENSION ISLAND: The usual mixed bag of weather for the island over the past week, though the latter stages did prove to be drier and sunnier than the early part of the week, with Wednesday being a particularly damp and cloudy day.

UK: The area of high pressure which gave last weekends foggy conditions, gave way to far more unsettled weather during Monday and Tuesday, this remaining throughout the rest of the week. Falmouth in Cornwall saw the highest temperature of the week on Wednesday when the mercury rose to 15 Celsius, the same day seeing Culdrose, also in Cornwall, get nearly 1.5 inches of rainfall. Coldest night was at Aviemore in the Highlands when temperatures fell to minus 4 Celsius on Monday morning.

FALKLANDS: After a rather wintry start to the week with sleet, hail and snow showers, things improved a little from Wednesday. Temperatures reflected the un-seasonal conditions with several nights seeing air frosts and the highest temperature of the week being only 13 Celsius, which considering it is the middle of summer isn't too good.

“METCHAT” ************************ “METCHAT” ************************ “METCHAT” ************************ “METCHAT” *************************

Much like the weather the Metties have had a bit of a mixed week, what with the arrival (that should read return) of Tractor Boy on Wednesday, plus of course Neil's and the Mearsk's leaving bashes.

Wednesday saw the return of the "Tractor Boy", who has had several months back in the UK recovering from his previous visit to the island late in 2001 and earlier this year. It didn't take him long to settle back into the swing of things here though, in fact he was raring to go a few hours after getting of the plane. The evening saw the usual suspects gather in the Mess for the Mearsk Gannet's departure party. This must have been the best attendance at a function that the mess has seen in many a year.

Friday evening saw the Snob Hill Mob take the usual trip to the VC for tea. As is the norm, the place became rather busy after 8pm, though we didn't think Alex from Commcen was too impressed when the lights in the games room/dance floor were turned out just before he was about to finish a game of darts. From there it was off to the Exiles, but the drive was timed to coincide with the end of the line dancing. Unfortunately for us it over-ran again, but at least we were in time to see one of our own partaking in the floorshow. Maybe we should nickname him the Dancing Cowboy……..After a few drinks it was time to head off to the Mess for a final nightcap, though Stan Vesta obviously had other ideas. The rest of the group wandered off to the vehicle, but Stan was a little delayed and disappeared. As we reversed the van out of its parking slot Makem made the comment that perhaps Stan (who was a little worse for wear at that point) may have gotten into the other van that was in the car park. The answer was revealed very shortly later as the Landrover which had been parked between the two vans pulled away to reveal Stan sitting in the passenger seat. Being the kind chaps we are, we hooted the horn and flashed the van lights at him, his response probably being best described as a brief salute. Eventually we persuaded Stan to get into the correct vehicle and took him home to Snob Hill.

Saturday evening saw the usual suspects plus a lot of guests gather at the Met basha's for Neil's leaving party, this also doubling as a welcome back party for the Tractor Boy. Much drinking, eating and merriment ensued, capped of by Tony and Boggy getting tucked into the profriteroles, Korean style. The photos of Boggy are available should anyone wish to see the evidence. Most of the guests had departed before Big Mark and Wooley turned up, the latter clutching a bottle of Spicy to his bosom. They joined Makem and Nev the Chef in seeing the party to a suitably raucous close at around 3-30 am on Sunday morning. Our thanks go to all the guests that turned out to give Neil a good send off, but especially to Adie the Chef for his sterling efforts in front of the fire. (Info for Tom the Medic, those blisters of his are really from being too close to the barbecue).

Sunday evening saw the usual suspects gather outside the Met basha's again, this time though it was for another game of Trivial Pursuit. Alas half of the participants failed to turn up for various reasons, these varying from a bad case of sunshine (OK Boggy, we have seen the glow), to falling asleep (Rob the Postie being excused on these grounds as he has looked tired for days). Nev did however manage to make it across for some pizza, even though he had spent a large chunk of the evening checking the inside of his eyelids. Honours for the evening went to Martin, who having stormed into an early lead, managed to hold off late challenges from Makem, Jonesey and Stan Vesta to win the game. We think the game worked out quite well for Martin, who managed to get some questions for which the same (rather easy) answers applied.

It has been brought to our attention that one of the pseudonyms we use to help protect the guilty in this tome may be incorrect. Boggy, who in his role as Air Transport Security supervisor (that's A.T.Southerly. in military parlance) is also responsible for the passengers in the terminal building. This make the abreviation P.A.T.Sy, thus henceforth we will use his correct title in subsequent articles.


Cocoanut Bay.

The offshore stacks at Cocoanut Bay are home to many of the species of seabirds that are found on Ascension, it is here that the Conservation Group went last Sunday.

The seabirds nesting on the cocoanut bay stacks include the brown noddy, black noddy, yellow-billed tropicbird, red-billed tropicbird, masked booby, brown booby:

On the mainland at Cocoanut bay, there is one lonesome masked booby chick that is peacefully growing into adulthood. The success of this mainland nest is undoubtedly a result of the cat eradication project.

It is our hope that in the future, we will be able to see many more seabird chicks nesting on the mainland like this revolutionary Cocoanut Bay masked booby chick.

Conservation Group walks are held on the last Sunday of each month.
All are welcome.

Hash Trash

Hash number: 929.
Hares: Eeyore & Barry Tone
Hounds: Yeti, Titpecker, Budweiser Belly, Pirate, Chicken Hawk, The Major , Sticks,
Woodswrecker, Oh That Woman, Skid Marks, Shari, Frank n Furter, The Butt Kickers
(Twin Peaks and Puff Grannie), Elmer Fudd, Goat, Mr Bubbles, Baywatch Babe,
Batman, Bart Simpson, Chief Longpole, Hardcore Heidi, Skipper, Rugrat, Rusty Head,
Morticia, a large military presence, several people of whom we did not get their names.
Aprés Hashers: Shylock, Emily, Sophie, BB's father.

A larger than average pack this week, the military presence swelling the numbers to beyond counting. That means I forgot to ask their names. The briefing spelled out the hazards and dangers, mentioned also was the fact that this one would last 1½ hours - groans. Off they moved, from behind the pool to the bottom of Cat Hill. It was there that there was a little reflection from Friday nights soirée - ' we're gonna kick some butt tomorrow.' TP and PG were going to do the kicking. Over the rocks to a circle. Off went the FRB's and one minute later the FRB's came back. On-on the other way, a scramble again and another circle. Rested, it was the on-on down the pipeline, the FRB's found their pace and were pursued by the butt kickers. Eventually turning right at Lions Bluff and on to a halt somewhere near Georgetown. The FRB's, the butt kickers and the knitting circle agreed on one thing that was the longest stretch that we'd had for a long time. Unbeknown to all, it was then straight down the road to the base, an even longer stretch. The pack now wormed it's way down the road like a line of refugees and gradually, one by one, all got to the circle at the US base.
Some were well rested, some wanted more rest. Another bluff, on-on that way to the VC, no on-on this way to the American dump. But not before Twin Peaks and Puff Grannie had shown us the colour of their heels, they'd heard that the pool was open and didn't want to miss the occasion. At the back of Red Hill the choice was given, go back to the VC or go up. The foolhardy went up, the rest went back to the VC for a beer and a swim.
Question: 'How high is SW Bay Red Hill?' Answer: Exactly 730 feet up and a great view, then 730 feet back down. So that's what the foolhardy found out.
Eventually all made it, but not before hashing straight through the VC bar, which bemused the hashers and startled the drinkers. The pool was full of the not so foolhardy, the BBQ was lit and the cans popped. Great burgers, great hash, great evening thanks to Eeyore and Barry Tone.
A little mentioned fact was that half way up Red Hill it was decided, at a circle check, to throw in the pool Twin Peaks and Puff Grannie, for showing us the colour of their heels. In the end we all became sensible and it didn't happen. That doesn't mean that we have forgotten!

Next Hash venue: The dangerous bend sign on the English Bay road.
Hares: The Major & Skipper.

Please note: Car parking could be difficult at this venue.
After the hash the Klinka Klub will be open, please use your own transport to get


Golf News


On Sunday 8th December, there will be a Monthly Medal Tournament. Sign-up sheet are posted on
the notice board at One Boat Golf Club. Tee Time 8.30am.

Sunday 15th December, there will be a Three Man Texas Scramble tournament. This is our
Christmas Novelty game. I also would like to mention that we have another member leaving
us shortly for St Helena, so I would also like to make this tournament a farewell game.

I would like to thank Brian Legg for his valued support to our Club, and would like you, our
Members to join in this game as a farewell for Brian ( Leggie ) and his family.

A Christmas lunch will be provided for members and guest.


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