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1: HashTrash: 1490 - Ascension (Sport) - 28.11.2013
It was a small group that formed up on the Boozy Patio for this week’s hash, with a few of the regulars opting out to rest up for the Dew Pond Run the next day.

2: Scouts Sponsored Dew Pond Run - Results - Ascension (Sport) - 26.11.2013
Scouts sponsored Dew Pond Run - Results

3: ASCENSION ISLAND CONSERVATION DEPARTMENT - Ascension (Conservation) - 26.11.2013
Facts and the Ascension Frigate Bird(Fregataaquila)

4: Ascension Island Women’s Health Day 16th November 2013 - Ascension (People) - 26.11.2013
I wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to all those lovely ladies who participated in the Ascension Island Women’s Health Day held on Saturday the 16th of November 2013.

5: VACANCY - CLERICAL ASSISTANT – SHIPPING - Ascension (Job Vacancy) - 26.11.2013
The Ascension Island Government is seeking to recruit a dynamic individual with excellent customer service and IT skills to fill a position of Clerical Assistant – Shipping at the Ascension Island Travel Agency Office (AITA).

6: Hash Trash: no 1488 - Ascension (Sport) - 14.11.2013
It was a perfect day in the sun, And the hashers were looking for fun,....

7: Human Rights on Ascension Island - Ascension (Government) - 14.11.2013
With the General Election now completed, I feel the time is right to respond to the preposterous accusations by Councillor Cyril Leo of human rights abuses allegedly perpetrated by the Ascension Island Government and, thus, by myself as The Administrator

8: Seeking Interested Candidates - Ascension (Government) - 14.11.2013
Ascension Island has a strong and highly respected judicial system.

9: ASCENSION MAGISTRATES’ COURT - Ascension (Law and Order) - 14.11.2013
The following cases were heard in the Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 7th November 2013:-

10: Hawksbill Turtle Tracking Update - Ascension (Conservation) - 14.11.2013
Best known for its globally important nesting population of green turtles, Ascension Island also has a small resident population of critically endangered hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricate) about which very little is known.

11: Volcano Club Skittles Presentation - Ascension (Sport) - 14.11.2013
On Friday 01st November the Volcano Club held the VC Skittles Presentation

12: Remembrance Day - Ascension (Miscellaneous) - 14.11.2013This article has photographs
The service, which took place at St Mary's Church on 10 November, was led by Rev Don Wittich.

13: The New Ascension Island Council and Halloween - Ascension (Miscellaneous) - 07.11.2013This article has photographs
The New Ascension Island Council, Halloween and congratulations to Simon Henry Gold Medal Winner

Although the formal council minutes are circulated following a brief by the Administrator on matters discussed, nothing can really replace attending these meetings in person to capture your own view.

15: ASCENSION ISLAND – THE FEW SUPPORTING THE MANY - Ascension (Military) - 07.11.2013
COMMANDER British Forces South Atlantic Islands (CBFSAI), Air Commodore Russ La Forte, accompanied by his wife Gillian visited Ascension Island in September.

16: Scouts Dew Pond Run - Ascension (Sport) - 07.11.2013This article has photographs
DEW POND RUN / POTTED SPORTS 2013 - 23 November

17: From The Editors - Penny & Clare - Ascension (Letters) - 07.11.2013This article has photographs
Hello Readers,

18: New Island Council Meets - 1 November 2013 - Ascension (Government) - 07.11.2013This article has photographs
The new Ascension Island Council met on 1 November to be sworn in by the Administrator with His Excellency The Governor, Mark Capes, attending by telephone.

19: Hash Trash - Hash No: 1487 - Ascension (Sport) - 07.11.2013
It was a moonless night and the Ascension Hash became crepuscular.

20: ASCENSION ISLAND CONSERVATION DEPARTMENT - Ascension (Conservation) - 07.11.2013This article has photographs
Since moving from the JNCC-fundedPtisanaPurpurascensin-situ conservation project, to the Darwin Initiative 'BAP' project as an apprentice,

21: GENERAL ELECTION 2013 - Results of Polling Day - Ascension (Government) - 07.11.2013This article has photographs
The results of the General Election Polling Day held on Thursday 31 October 2013

22: Simon Henry Wins Gold - Ascension (Sport) - 07.11.2013
Last week, Simon Henry returned to Ascension for a few brief days and is now on his way back home to St Helena who won 2 Silver medals for smallbore Rifle shooting and a Gold medal for air rifle shooting at the Bermurda Games is on his way home to St Helena.

23: The Anglican Church of Saint Mary the Virgin - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 07.11.2013This article has photographs
Lest we forget . . . the freedom we enjoy today was gained at great cost of life and limb on land, at sea and in the air

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