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1: Sue Ryder Charity news on Ascension Island - Ascension (Miscellaneous) - 29.08.2013
The Sue Ryder Charity was first introduced to Ascension Island by Joan Clary, a senior nurse at the Georgetown Hospital, with help from the RAF who kindly allowed her to put some boxes of used clothing on the flights from Brize Norton on a regular basis.

2: Hash Trash: no 1477 - Ascension (Sport) - 29.08.2013
After the Hairy twins were impressed by Dead Gross’s steel toe caps TLTHoD called them over for the hash brief.

3: Ascension Island Football - Jimmy Lawrence Knock-out Semi Final - Ascension (Sport) - 29.08.2013
Two Boats Rowdies 0 vs 5 VC Milan

4: St. Mary’s Church Ascension Island (Diocese of St.Helena) - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 29.08.2013
Sunday the first of September Family Service will be the first of some important services that will be held during the month.

5: Ascension Island Conservation Department - Ascension Explorers 2013 - Ascension (Conservation) - 29.08.2013This article has photographs
During the last two weeks of the school holidays, the explorer’s hiked to Sisters Peak and Hannay’s Beach.

6: Fun Day - Ascension (Miscellaneous) - 29.08.2013This article has photographs
in aid of AISPCA & Kids Saturday Club

7: Hash Trash #1475 - Ascension (Sport) - 15.08.2013
The IDL beach hut, perched on the ridge overlooking North-East Bay and the great expanse of the South Atlantic Ocean was all a bustle this last Saturday afternoon.

8: THE PHYLISS CORKER ELIMINATOR DARTS COMPETITION - Ascension (Sport) - 15.08.2013This article has photographs
Phyliss was a regular player in darts competitions at Two Boats Club, and in her memory a darts eliminator competition was organized.

9: The Met Office Weather Report - Ascension (Met Office) - 15.08.2013
Rainbows are simply beautiful multicoloured arcs of light in the sky. Rainbows occur when it's both raining and the sun is shining simultaneously.

10: Ascension Island Government - Ascension (Conservation) - 15.08.2013This article has photographs
Following on from last week’s islander edition, the Ascension Explorers were taken on a field trip to Cricket Valley to look at the various lichens, introduced/invasive plants and land crabs.

11: Win a Holiday for Two on Ascension Island - Ascension (Conservation) - 15.08.2013
The Ascension Island Government has an exciting opportunity for stamp collectors, bird enthusiasts

12: The Anglican Church of Saint Mary the Virgin - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 15.08.2013
A visitor to the tiny prison cell on Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 25 years can be forgiven for being surprised that on release he did not take revenge on his captors.

13: Ascension Island Football - Ascension (Sport) - 15.08.2013
VC Milan 3 vs 0 Raiders

14: Ascension Island Football - Ascension (Sport) - 15.08.2013
Inbetweeners 1 vs 6 Two Boats Rowdies

15: ASCENSION ISLAND GOVERNMENT - Ascension (Job Vacancy) - 01.08.2013

16: Hash Trash: no1473 - Ascension (Sport) - 01.08.2013
The start of this week’s thrilling instalment begins at the American wind turbines. Cars gathered with a number of first time hashers visiting the island amongst the motley crew – did they know what they were letting themselves in for, it’s doubtful they had been properly informed.

17: Green Mountain National Park Footpaths Update - Ascension (Conservation) - 01.08.2013
Another month, another two footpaths to enjoy!

18: The Anglican Church of Saint Mary the Virgin - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 01.08.2013
As we enjoy communications worldwide with knowledge on any subject at our finger tips. We are in the early stages of an era making the industrial revolution appear pedestrian. The question in many minds is how many of the foundations of our past need to accompany us into the unknown world of tomorrow.

19: Ascension Island Football - Ascension (Sport) - 01.08.2013
Raiders 9 vs 0 Two Boats Rowdies

20: Ascension Island Football - Ascension (Sport) - 01.08.2013
Inbetweeners 1 vs 2 Retards

21: Lawson fights for Ascension Islanders’ rights - Ascension (Government) - 01.08.2013
The following is a speech which was given by Councillor Lawson Henry at the inaugural meeting of the St Helena Legislative Council

22: Letter to the Editor - Ascension (Letters) - 01.08.2013
Please may I through the Islander covey the following message.

23: To a special person - Ascension (Miscellaneous) - 01.08.2013
Happy Birthday

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