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1: Met Office - Weather Report - Ascension (Met Office) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
Ascension: Much of the week was dry with little cloud, but it turned cloudier

2: Vacancy - Driver/General Operative - Ascension (Job Vacancy) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
Two Boats School has a vacancy for a Driver/General Operative to start as soon as possible.

3: VACANCIES – E.U. FUNDED ROADS PROJECT - Ascension (Job Vacancy) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
The Ascension Island Government is still seeking to recruit suitably qualified and experienced persons to carry out the European Union funded EDF Roads Project. The following positions are available on a 2 year fixed term contract basis.

4: TEMPORARY VACANCIES – HEALTH SERVICES - Ascension (Job Vacancy) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
Applications are invited from suitably qualified or experienced persons to fill the following temporary positions:

5: Falklands and Ascension BFBS Big Salute Charity Fundraiser Event - Ascension (Military) - 26.04.2012
I am writing in the hope you might support our efforts towards this year's The 'Big Salute' Appeal

6: Conservation Weekly - Ascension (Conservation) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
Micro-propagation is a technique used to cultivate plants which do not produce seeds, such as ferns, or for vegetative propagation of plants which are difficult to propagate from seed.

7: From The Editor - Nicola - Ascension (Letters) - 26.04.2012
Hello Readers, Well, we have quite a full paper this week with news of events to come.

8: Grotto News - Thought For The Week - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
As we continue to celebrate the Easter season, that time when the risen Jesus appeared to some of the faithful, we realize that it was a time of marvelous, and undoubtedly frightening changes for those faithful.

9: Hash Trash - Hash 1408 - Ascension (Sport) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
At the top of the bends on the NASA road, vehicles were safely parked between the thorns eagerly awaiting this week’s exercise.

10: Football Results - Ascension (Sport) - 26.04.2012
Football Results for 21st and 22nd April 2012

11: Visiting Pastors - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
Next week we welcome Baptist Minister, Rev. Graeme Beckett on island, he will be assisted by Deacon Vincent March in leading services,

12: Mickey and Mouse sail away ‘in service of the Crown’ By Simon Pipe - Ascension (Internet News) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
When two kittens called Mickey and Mouse were entrusted to the care of Lyn Rattle on St Helena, finding them a new home involved hitching a 700-mile ride in a yacht.

13: Candidate for the Next By-Election - Ascension (Government) - 26.04.2012
In reality, the remit of a councillor on Ascension is limited and restricted.

14: Police Update - Ascension (Law and Order) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
This the second year into our three year Community Safety Strategy, as part of this strategy we have three objectives

15: Church News - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
The Christian family on Ascension Island includes believers from a wide variety of backgrounds.

16: VISITS TO ASCENSION ISLAND BY HIS EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR - Ascension (Government) - 26.04.2012This article has photographs
His Excellency Mark Capes, Governor of Ascension Island, will be visiting the Island on 27 April and between 14 – 17 May.

17: Ladybirds Group Sponsored Walk - Ascension (Sport) - 19.04.2012This article has photographs
Thank you so much to everyone who came to join in with the sponsored walk on Sunday. It was a very enjoyable walk for a good cause.

18: Hash Thrash - Hash No: 1407 - Ascension (Sport) - 19.04.2012
When hashers arrived at bungalow E3 in Two Boats, the BBQ was set up, kegs unloaded and there was a temptation by some to take a place in the patio chair and get the party started.

19: Homily - 15 April 2012 - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 19.04.2012
Well, Hallelujah is all I can say this week! The resurrection of Humphry’s is virtually complete.

20: Ascension Island Conservation Department - Ascension (Conservation) - 19.04.2012
On arrival at Kew Gardens we were met by Dr Colin Clubbe who introduced us to the Kew staff and gave us a tour of the buildings and gardens.

21: From The Editors - Carrie & Elaine - Ascension (Letters) - 19.04.2012
Hello Readers, The issue is looking rather slim this week!

22: From St Mary's Church - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 19.04.2012
At the Annual Vestry Meeting on Sunday last, the Church Accounts were accepted ;

23: SECOND BY-ELECTION VOID - Ascension (Letters) - 19.04.2012
Following the unsuccessful attempt to hold a by-election on 25 October 2011 due to just one member of the Electorate putting his name forward as a candidate,

24: FOOTBALL RESULTS & FIXTURES - Ascension (Sport) - 19.04.2012
FOOTBALL RESULTS & FIXTURES - 31 March Results and This weeks fixtures

25: The Islander Volunteer Team - Ascension (People) - 05.04.2012This article has photographs
Meet The Islander Team

26: Grotto News - Thought For The Week - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 05.04.2012
This morning we had a lovely Palm Sunday service at St. Mary’s. It is so nice to be back on Ascension. I just feel like I was on vacation!

27: Hash Thrash - Hash No: 1405 - Ascension (Sport) - 05.04.2012
Another mountain starting point for the hashers this week, not really gate crashing but more a sharing with Janine and the Garden party.

28: From the Editor - Casey - Ascension (Letters) - 05.04.2012
Hello Readers, Unfortunately a slim issue of this week’s Islander, none the less I hope you enjoy.

29: Conservation Weekly - Ascension (Conservation) - 05.04.2012This article has photographs
Last week we were busy with visitors Dr Norbert Maczey and Mr Robert Tanner from CABI Institution

30: From St Mary's Church - Ascension (Religion/Church) - 05.04.2012This article has photographs
Many thanks to the young people who led the procession on Palm Sunday;

31: By-Election - Ascension Island Government - Ascension (Government) - 05.04.2012This article has photographs
The date set for the By-Election is the 25th April 2012.

32: Met Office Ascension Island Base- The Met Office Weather Report - Ascension (Met Office) - 05.04.2012
UK - High pressure dominated this weeks weather with temperatures reaching record temperatures for March. Sunny and dry by day, with temperatures cooling off at night.

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