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Ascension : Hash Trash 970 - 27th September 2003
Submitted by The Islander (Nathan Prince) 05.10.2003 (Article Archived on 19.10.2003)

Hash Trash 970 - 27th September 2003

Hash number: 970

September 27, 2003

Hares: Uncle Fester and Bloodsucker

Hounds: Chief Longpole, Shylock, Chicken Hawk, Billy Graham, Budweiser Belly, Mama Three Bones, Talking Head, Dick Head, Pirate, Skipper, Occasional, Mildew, Booby Trap, The Navvy, G'n'T , The Joker, Organ Grinder, Oh That Woman, Old Croc, Cactus Cuddler, 100 Watt, Mrs Trunchbull, Yeti, Fido, Gym Queen, Tough Lady, The Laird, Buzz Lightyear, Elliot and Jeremy.

After a bit of redirecting (we hadn't even started yet!) the convoy of cars threw up a massive cloud of dust bringing us to our start just behind the 'windmill things'.

The ground was a bit rocky and wobbly underfoot but the FRB's got underway leaving most to a leisurely stroll. One of the first circle checks was on top of a fumarole! As we all looked down the deep holes, Mama Three Bones was sure she saw the remains of an old Hasher…..

The on-on went up and over and round and down till we got to the main event - the caves! Uncle Fester, armed with a torch, made his way down the dark tunnel first and emerged looking a bit dusty but no worse for wear. Not to be out-done the pack followed suit. There were some worried looks and coercing but we eventually made it through with a few bumps to the head, grazes to the knees and a skull in our path!

It was then back over more loose ground, round some thorn bushes and past the runway back home! We arrived back safe and well apart from the usual Hash scars, but Bloodsucker was there to rescue Billy Graham and new Hasher Jeremy.

100 Watt drew The Circle of Friendship to welcome Paul and Bettygail - or should we say Old Croc and Cactus Cuddler! The Kettle Chips came out and were gone just as quick, and the après Hash began.

Thanks Uncle Fester and Bloodsucker - a truly memorable hash!

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Hares: 100 Watt and The Joker


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