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Ascension : Cllr Henry Explains His Actions to the Electorate
Submitted by The Islander (Juanita Brock) 28.03.2007 (Article Archived on 11.04.2007)

One of Ascension's former Councillors has explained his actions in full to the electorate.




                                                                                                Bungalow 2


                                                                                                19th March 2007


To The Electorate of Ascension Island


You will have by now learnt that I have resigned from my position as a member of the Ascension Island Council.


I set out the reasons for this in my letter of resignation to HE the Governor and which are reiterated in a joint Press Release issued with four of my fellow Councillors who resigned at the time.


This was not an easy decision but one that I felt I needed to make as to have carried on would have meant I was assisting to legitimise a democracy that doesn’t really exist on Ascension Island.  In my view this would not have been in your best interest and frankly is contrary to the principles for which I stood for election in the first place.


 Recent events were in stark contrast to the expectations I had following a message to the first Island Council from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister for the British Overseas Territories, Baroness Amos, when she wrote:  I wanted to send my congratulations to you following your election as Councillors to the first Island Council on Ascension Island.  I am pleased that island residents have been actively involved in the moves to democratic representation, which led to the vote on 1st November.  This is an historic step for the island.  You will play an important role in shaping the future of Ascension Island.  I hope that Councillors will work in close partnership with the Governor and the Administrator for the benefit of the island”.


I did sincerely hope that we could have worked for the true and proper representation of the democratic process on Ascension Island, but our efforts were  blocked every step of the way by the very office that introduced the change in the first place


In closing I would like to place on record my thanks and appreciation to all of you who have supported me over the last 5 years while I was a Councillor and who voted me in on two general elections.



Yours despondently



Lawson A Henry


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