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S.Atlantic : Saints' Workers' Forum Established in the Falklands
Submitted by (Juanita Brock) 07.01.2005 (Article Archived on 21.01.2005)

St. Helenians working at Mount Pleasant Complex now have a forum at which they can discuss their problems and find out information.



By J. Brock (SARTMA-AC)


Whilst on Ascension Island, I found out, quite by accident, that the newly established workers’ forum for St. Helenian workers at Mount Pleasant Complex got off to a slow start with no contractors or indeed employees present at the initial meeting held on 01 December 2004.  Present at the forum were Mr. P.W. Taylor, the Command Secretary, Mrs. L. Hardaker, for MPA Policy and Personnel, Mr. D. Goodlass, representing Contracts at MPA, Mr. M. Harte, representing the Falkland Islands Government as Economic Advisor, Mr R. Spink, representing the Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. John Clifford, St. Helena Government representative on the Falklands.


Some of the subject areas covered were, the non-availability of BFPO services to Saints working at MPA and the abundance of postage stamps at the MPA Post Office.  Also brought up was the fact that the Internet Facility in Area 51 was not to be used by St. Helenian contract workers, this in accordance with Standing Orders.  Other areas discussed were Baggage allowances, Minimum Wage, Entertainment and Travel, Sick Leave and Benefits, Pay Review, Purchase of Duty Free Goods, Banking Facilities at MPA, Media Coverage, Dental Services, Quality of the Drinking Water and Indulgence Flights.


As a result of a pay review question posed by Mr. John Clifford, who asked whether advised salary levels could be placed into MOD invitation to tenders, Mr. Goodlass stated it was up to the affected industry to submit tenders for MOD requirements and it wasn’t MOD’s responsibility to advise on acceptable wages for Contractor Employees.


Said Mr. Taylor in his closing remarks, “MPC Contractor Employees should continue to be encouraged to be represented at these forums as it was a good opportunity to discuss any issues they may have.”  He further stated that copies of the record of this forum would be made available to all employers and employees. 


The next forum will be held on Wednesday, 01 June 2005 in the Dolphin Club at 1000am.


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