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Ascension : 5-ASIDE LEAGUE
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 14.08.2014 (Article Archived on 28.08.2014)

There will be a one day knockout competition held on the 23rd of August.



There will be a one day knockout competition held on the 23rd of August. The “Copa Del Ascension” will be seeded based on final league position. More information closer to the date.


Week 5 Round Up:


League leaders Travellers Hill Billies faced off against former leaders Bayern Neverlusen. The outcome looked bleak for Bayern as their top scorer Dominic was side-lined with injury leaving Bayern with four men against the full might of the Hill Billies. Hill Billies wasted no time in making the extra man count, netting several early goals in the first half. Bayern held their heads high constantly attacking which at times left their defence with gaping holes. The Hill Billies took full advantage of this with the final score standing at 13-0 to the Hill Billies. Bayern Neverlusen’s fall from grace has been nothing short of spectacular. After starting their campaign with 2 straight forward wins and being named dark horses of the competition, they have now lost three games in a row and are swaying dangerously towards the bottom half of the table. The second match of the night saw Real Socialdads lock horns against The A-Team who were looking for three points to keep them in contention for top spot. The first goal of the match was ruled out by goal-line technology after a shot cannoned off the bar and appeared to have crossed the line. This proved to be the spark which ignited a powder keg of a match. Both teams competed strongly with the deadlock being broken by yet another goal from Collin Duncan. This was only to be cancelled out by a goal from Ashley Dutch as shouts for handball were dismissed by the ref.

The match came down to a knife edge as both teams conceded a penalty late on to leave the score at 3-2 to The A-Team. I would like to remind all players that there is a difference between being competitive and overaggressive, we haven’t had any injuries from rash challenges and would like it to stay that way.  Also the refereeing is done on a voluntary basis and in a crowded fast paced environment they cannot see through bodies or in slow motion. If you have these abilities you are encouraged to referee, if not please give us the benefit of the doubt. The 8pm kick off saw the illustrious C-Men challenge second place Inter Minan. Through very late transfers The C-Men acquired two talented brothers who were only spoken of in dark corners as “ los dos muertes” Despite this late deal, pundits had deemed the game a foregone conclusion and sided massively in favour of  Inter before the game. Their predictions proved well founded in the first half as mistakes in defence led to Inter Minan leading 4-1 at half time. In a comeback not seen since Istanbul, The C-Men came out of half time and levelled the score at 4-4. A single goal proved the difference between the teams as Inter scored minutes before full-time to leave The C-Men in utter disbelief. It was indeed a game of two halves and with the momentum swinging their way near the end who knows what another minute could have yielded for The C-Men. The constant Rafael Benitez esque tinkering of personnel has not paid off for The C-Men as they lie in the bottom half of the table. If they can take the quality, organization and consistency shown in the second half into the last two league matches they could be strong contenders for La Copa Del Ascension. The final match of the day once again saw a bottom league clash between The Dynamic Five and AthleticoDildao. Despite showing early promise with a win over The A-Team , AthleticoDildao have found themselves only a single point from bottom. The ladybirds (as Dynamic Five are affectionately known) have amassed a large fanbase with their plucky determination and never say die attitude. They were today, however, without captain Crocky . This proved to be the inspiration the team needed as the ladybirds kept goals conceded to single figures in the absence of their captain. More goals from Michael “BBC” led to  the ladybird’s first win of the season, a triumph for the greatest underdog team this side of Green Mountain.


This week’s fixtures :


Real SocialdadsVsAthleticoDildao   (19:00 KO)



The A-TeamVsDynamic Five   (19:30 KO)



C-Men   Vs    Travellers Hill Billies(20:00 KO)



Bayer NeverlusenVs    Inter Minan(20:30 KO)


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