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Ascension : Hash Thrash - Hash No: 1527
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 14.08.2014 (Article Archived on 28.08.2014)

During the Brief it was revealed that at one of the circle checks it would be decided if we take the easy route or the hard route.

Hash No: 1527

Hares:The Last Turtle Head of Doom

Hounds:Missing McGonagall, Snowballing Grecian, Grecian Granny Rations, Blade Runner, Little Miss Grubby, Dr. Doolittle, Over-N- Done With, Short Horn, Andy, Amira, and Emily 

Hash Trash

During the Brief it was revealed that at one of the circle checks it would be decided if we take the easy route or the hard route. This was dependent on Grecian Granny Rations, who had proven the Hare wrong earlier in the day. Yup, last sentence was correct, The Last Turtle Head of Doom was wrong.  The brief was interrupted with a lovely “I was right” dance from Grecian Granny Rations. It looked as if it would be the harder route. On-On was called.Although we met at the same time and place as last week, we headed out in the opposite direction toward the American Base. As some of the hash trail was flat and on the road between One Boat and Travellers, some Hounds were able to run for a good part of it.

As we came to a circle check about half way through, we were informed the easy part was done. It was now time to determine our fate, do we take the easier route back or the harder one.  A very civilized (and funny) standoff began between Grecian Granny Rations and our Hare. True to her name, Over-N-Done With ended the standoff with the declaration of, “I know which route I am taking, the easier one”. Which prompted many comments about her definition of easy. So on on went off down the easier route which was the road toward the old hydroponic fields.  Then off we were up to the hill for a view overlooking the hydroponic area and onwards towards Travellers.

A short walk back to the cars meant more time for drinks and nibbles. When some noticed Blade Runner’s tire(tyre for our British friends) looked a bit low, he showed everybody his amazing skill for always being prepared and pulled out a pump to fix it. As the sun started to set talk turned to next week’s naming’s and BBQ after the Hash.

Next week:16:30Sawdust Beach hut ( Above Springer’s Beach Hut US Base)


Bring a plate of eats


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