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Ascension : Hash Trash: Hash No1525
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 31.07.2014 (Article Archived on 14.08.2014)

There are events that seep in to the collective consciousness.

Hash Trash: 1525

Hares: No Hare

Hounds:The Last Turtle Head of Doom, Snowballing Grecian, Grecian Granny Rations, Little Miss Grubby,Over-N-Done With, Missing McGonagall, Brows,  Pussy Galore No More, LongHorn, Emily, Andy, Jim, Andrew, Rodney, Amira, Tara and Flash Cake


There are events that seep in to the collective consciousness. They are unplanned, unrehearsed, random events and decisions that coalesce into a single moment. Years from now, in a dark back room somewhere, old Ascension hashers will gather to reminisce and brag someone will quietly say “I was on 1525” and a hush will fall.

It started with those fatal words, “Well that sounds like a good idea”. Just a few regular hashers on island, let’s not set a hash and just do a nice simple Letterbox walk.

The crowd that formed was larger than expected, with a couple of first timers, and the return of a couple of old hashers. The brief was short, no hash and don’t follow the sheep, the On-On sounded and flash hash led the way down the road to Scouts camp. The first part was a leisurely stroll with the occasional pause to splash in a mud hole. Dozy ½ Penny, having spent too much time behind a desk, drove past, her face filled with shame; the hash was saddened to see that the last scion of an old Ascension hashing family had fallen so far.

Stopping at the road split, the hash got to see first-hand just why completing all the Letterboxes of Ascension is viewed as such an achievement. Even after consulting the guide book they still managed to turn the wrong way. There was surprising little grumbling, most of the hash realizing they were following an American, a Scotsman and a dog so they really did not have a leg to stand on.

Wandering past the Scout Camp and up the ridge the group realized they were in the wrong place, but did have a great view of North East Bay. Following the ridgeline back to the road, they then (after waving to the dirt bikers again) headed down the correct path to the Collimation Tower. Arriving at the Tower, the skies started to open up and the only really smart hasher decided to call it a day there, the rest trudged on.  Braving the storm the rest finally staggered down to the Devil’s Cauldron Letterbox, the sky momentarily cleared, which led to some debate on how to head out.  Deciding since they were so close, it was opted to go out via the old road up to Weatherpost, with Flash Hash going back and forth down the line checking on everyone. Luckily the sky stayed somewhat clear as the group hit the Weatherpost Letterbox then headed down the front side. The fog was too thick to see the sheer drops, so carefully making their way down they arrived at the bottom they knew they only had to follow the Marty-Wade road out and were lulled into a false sense of relief. This is when the wrath of Adamastor came roaring out of the Cape to assail the intrepid band. Fighting their way back to the main road through strong winds and torrential downpours, it was a bedraggled and muddy group that finally reeled and lurched back on to the main road and the vehicles. Several of the assemblage left out before the Après, which did not last long and the battered but triumphant hikers headed home.




Place: American Wind Farm

Time:1500***Note the Earlier Start Time***

Hare:The Last Turtle Head of Doom

Bring a plate of eats.

Collimation Tower- A Tower on which special equipment and antennae to mounted to simulate a spacecraft, so the main antenna could be pointed at it to run tests on all the transmitting, receiving and processing equipment. Before every pass all the equipment was checked out on the Collimation Tower. If a problem appeared while tracking a spacecraft, the station could quickly check out all its systems by going to the tower and running tests to confirm whether the problem was in the station or in the spacecraft


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