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Ascension : What a Load of Rubbish!!!
Submitted by The Islander (Ascension Island Government) 22.05.2014 (Article Archived on 05.06.2014)

I hope you enjoy the photo, opposite, which I received from Larry Poultney at Interserve last week.


Notice from the Administrator

What a Load of Rubbish!!!



 hope you enjoy the photo, opposite, which I received from Larry Poultney at Interserve last week. He and some of his colleagues spent part of a day last week picking up rubbish from the road verges between Two Boats Village and the Golf Club. May I congratulate Interserve and all the staff involved in this community focussed project. Thank you all for your hard work and the great results.  Well done.


35 big black bags of rubbish were filled including 10 full of just beer cans and bottles. None of us can be proud of ourselves if we and those around us make such a mess. I have not spotted any parties being held on the side of that stretch of road. So, some of us are just throwing stuff out of car windows. There is simply no excuse for that kind of behaviour.


People come up to me all the time and ask me to tackle this. Many have pointed to individuals who drink at the pierhead and throw empty cans into the sea when there are many bins in place there. Others refer to empty cans on the mountain road or left on English Bay. But, what can I do? There is law in place. Anyone caught littering can be fined up to 100.


In my opinion, arrests of fellow residents is not the answer. I would like to believe we can treat littering the same as smoking in the work place or driving without a seat belt something we instinctively no longer do. Talk about it with your friends and family, and your work colleagues.


For my part, I will ensure Government continues to provide bins throughout the Island and empty them on a regular basis.


Colin Wells

Administrator of Ascension Island

19 May 2014


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