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Ascension : Notices from the Administrator
Submitted by The Islander (Ascension Island Government) 22.05.2014 (Article Archived on 05.06.2014)

I am going to the United Kingdom for a week to look after my autistic daughter, Jade, during her half-term break from school.


Notices from the Administrator

Acting Administrator of Ascension Island


I am going to the United Kingdom for a week to look after my autistic daughter, Jade, during her half-term break from school. As many of you know, Jade requires constant care, which I enjoy providing during her school holidays. I will be away from late on Friday 23 May and back on Ascension early on 2 June.


The Acting Governor, Sean Burns, has appointed Catherine Leo, AIG Director of Resources, to be Acting-Administrator during my absence. I am grateful to Catherine for taking on the task.


Importation of Petrol Driven Machinery


I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all of existing law on Ascension that bans the importation of petrol driven vehicles or machinery without a permit signed by the Administrator. The law in question is the Customs (Import Control) Regulations 2012. The restrictions were put in place as part of a draw-down of supplies of petrol to Ascension ahead of 2020. Diesel supplies will be maintained. The Island Council has, since 2012, given me guidance on the implementation of these regulations.


Cars and other vehicles


Petrol driven vehicles will not be granted permits for import. There would have to be an exceptionally strong reason for granting a permit. So far, I have not granted any. As diesel driven vehicles are readily available on the market there should be no requirement to import a petrol vehicle.  Do not attempt to import a petrol driven car in the hope that a permit will be issued on arrival. There have already been cases of vehicles being sent back on the same freighter they arrived on. I hope you will forgive the strong tone here. It is important we all understand the seriousness of Governmentís intention to enforce this law in relation to vehicles.


Petrol Driven Vehicle Engines


As with vehicles above, petrol driven engines for parts or to replace old or broken ones will not be granted a permit. Those permits that were granted recently will be respected.


Other Petrol Driven Items


The Island Council has provided me with scope to apply flexibility for other petrol driven items where (a) there are no diesel alternatives or (b) diesel alternatives are prohibitively expensive. Good examples of these are:

  • Motor Bikes
  • Outboard motors - boats
  • Jet Skis
  • Lawnmowers


If you intend to import an item that is not listed above I would need to see evidence of either (a) or (b) above.  


How do you get a permit?


Call Nicola Dillon in the Administratorís Office on 7000 Ext 131 or by e-mail on Nicola can also help with any questions you may have.


Colin Wells

Administrator of Ascension Island

14 May 2014


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