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Ascension : Hash Trash: Hash No 1515
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 22.05.2014 (Article Archived on 05.06.2014)

It was a late start to the hash this week as there was much organisation to be had at Garden Cottage.


Hash Trash: no 1515


Hounds:Soggy Boozer, Boozy Head, Bus Driver, Dead Gross, Idle Trekkie, Hairy Hal, Hairy Leftovers, Snowballing Grecian, Grecian Granny Rations, Bladerunner, Pestiz Maximus, PestizMinimus, PestizMinutis, Corben, Ritchie, Karen, Samantha, Flash Cake, Denning and Marple.

Après: Short Horn, Boy Driller, Dan, Mat, Golden Locks, Fabien, Happy Endings, Knee Jerk Turtle and Subspawn of Turtle Head.

It was a late start to the hash this week as there was much organisation to be had at Garden Cottage. GMO were concerned that the natives would find the drive long and tedious so it was relaxed start. Just as well as the Pestiz clan arrived fashionably late. The hashers were a little perplexed to find all the hares sporting flip flops instead of boots. Eventually all were ready and the hash brief was given, 5 circle checks and follow the plentiful hash – we were on our own. In a rare turn of events, the hares were staying behind to cook (drink beer?) and the hounds were let loose on their own. With the absence of The Last Turtle Head of Doom to maintain control the bunch set off in a chaotic manner with some leaping over the gate at the back of the cottage. The older hares could manage the technology of the catch opened it and serenely walked through.

The on-on was found and the path set off onto Ruperts. It was not long before the hash then turned off down a friendly(??) looking bank onto Cronks. There was the usual display of ‘hash descent styles’ along with some name calling of the hares. The hash quickly spread out, with the younger hashers choosing to run and the older hashers taking time to admire the plentiful variety of land crabs en route. As promised, there was plenty of hash and the route was easy to follow. There was some confusion though as there was an arrow pointing to a circle check off the path. It was an opportunity to enjoy the view but where did the hash go after this? Eventually it was found back on the path, on-on was called and off we went again.

With the letterbox signed the next circle check was at North East Cottage, a first for some of the hashers. The route then led back up Ruperts. The uphill slowed some of the older hashers and the younger hashers took the opportunity to run again. Another letterbox completed and the hash was nearly over. Ritchie learnt never to let your guard down on a hash as just as the beers were in smelling distance the path gave way and blood was shed.

Back at Garden Cottage it was a relaxed end to the hash. Scrummy food was produced and many beverages were consumed. Many of the hashers have acclimatised to the local weather feeling chilly even though the temperature was probably no lower than 24 degrees. It was noted that it was cold for Ascension as even Boy Driller was seen wearing a shirt, something that many hashers did not even know that he owned. With the children and dog sent off down the hill in the dark it was sometime before those that were not staying drifted off home. Dan played knight in shining armour to two damsels in distress whose trusty steed was being stubborn.Knee Jerk Turtle and Subspawn of Turtle Head eventually made it up the hill from festivities at the beach hut and the merriments continued well into the night.

Next Week:

Place: NASA Road, Guide Camp/Scout Camp sign near the Devil’s Ashpit.

Hares: Soggy Boozer, Boozy Head.



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