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Ascension : Current Affairs bring news to our ears! Year 10 pupils were asked to tune in to weekly current affairs to become familiar with matters around the worl
Submitted by The Islander (Mario Anthony) 15.05.2014 (Article Archived on 05.06.2014)

Year 10 pupils were asked to tune in to weekly current affairs to become familiar with matters around the world.

Current Affairs bring news to our ears! Year 10 pupils were asked to tune in to weekly current affairs to become familiar with matters around the world. Read on to learn about what was of interest to Year 10 students for the latter part of April 2014 POVERTY HAS DRIVEN 5 YEAR OLDS TO INTENSE LABOUR According to the Daily Mail, children as young as five have been forced to work in Bangladeshi factories. In Bangladesh 7.8 million children are involved in economic activities; 1.8 million of these are forced to do hazardous work. Children some as young as five year olds are forced to separate tonnes of recycling material and some work in balloon factories which involves high risks involving the spreading of dangerous chemicals without adequate protection. The legal employment age is 14 but employers have forced children to work in small factories and workshops so that they can slip them under the radar. The parents of these children have no other choice but to make their children work 12 hours plus every day for a minimum salary of £39 per month. Without these earnings, their family would starve and they would not be able to afford their basic needs. Fortunately, a lot of the young children have a positive attitude and get on with the work, every day. They do not realise that all of this work is not what a normal child would do. They do not have any education as schools would be too expensive and they wouldn’t be able to make time for it. In my opinion, it is sad that such young children should be exposed to this amount of intense labour. The length of 12 hours a day means that they cannot commit to school work. This is unfair as all children should have the right to a good education whether rich or poor. Contributed by Adam Fowler Scientific Tea With reference to an article from the Mail Online. dated 20/05/14, tea is said to be one of the most consumed beverages in the world and can be found in around 80% of households. It’s the most common drink that can be served hot or cold, as iced tea or as normal, hot tea. A new company called Bkon, from the US, have designed a machine that’s guaranteed to produce the perfect cup of tea in 60 seconds; this has been scientifically proven by using the Reverse Atmospheric Infusion process. In reading mail online, Dean Vastardis, co-founder of Bkon, states that; “Reverse Atmospheric Infusion actually changes the air pressure, so the soluble flavour elements and natural sugars are extracted more completely and with greater purity”. The machine works by introducing air from the brewing chamber creating a negative vacuum, mixing tea into the liquid. As the negative pressure increases the gasses from the water and tea are released. This is repeated to get maximum flavour from the tea. Once the vacuum is released the brewing chamber changes back to normal atmospheric pressure, the water is then infused with the natural, rich flavours of the tea. I feel that this product would be perfect for café businesses as it would reduce the amount of time customers would wait, and could, effectively, introduce more customers. Costing around £7700 not many individual people would be committed to spend that amount of money to get tea from a machine that a normal kettle could do. Contributed by Amy Taylor Pupil kills Teacher in UK School On the 28 April 2014, Ann Maguire, a 61 year old Spanish teacher was attacked by a 15-year-old boy at a school in Leeds, UK. According to the Mail On-line newspaper article, a pupil at the scene claimed ‘that children were seen screaming and running from a classroom following the attack.’ It was reported that ‘West Yorkshire Police was called to the scene and said the victim received a number of stab wounds and a knife was recovered from the scene.’ The teacher was taken to a hospital following the incident but was later pronounced dead. The police indicated that ‘a 15-year-old pupil was detained by other teaching staff and arrested in connection with the stabbing.’ Apparently no other pupils or staff were threatened or injured but this was clearly a very traumatic situation for those involved. It was reported that ‘The attack was an "unprecedented event" and schools in Leeds were "generally very safe places" to work and study.’ This was a tragic event and it is noted to be the first incident of its kind to have happened in a UK school for many years. Parents and pupils have been paying tribute to the teacher on Twitter. One pupil commented that Mrs Maguire had "made our Year 11 the best time of our life". I think it was a shocking and terrible incident. An attack like this is rare in the UK but should never have happened. Staff and students should feel safe about going to school. Students should learn to show more respect for their teachers. If they have issues with them then it is important for them to talk about these instead of turning to violence. My heart really goes out for the Ann Maguire friends and family, and also for students and teachers of the school. Contributed by Thomas Roberts Farage stays out of Newark by-election With reference to the article of 28th April 2014 from the BBC website I have learned that Nigel Farage (UKIP leader) has decided not to stand in the Newark by-election. He has opted out as he would be looked upon like an ‘opportunist’ and he considers the European elections of more importance. The contest was brought about by Tory MP Patrick Mercer’s resignation after a cash-for-questions scandal. He was filmed by BBC’s panorama last year apparently agreeing to set up a parliamentary group to push for Fiji to return to the commonwealth. He said “I am an ex-soldier; I believe that if you have got something wrong, you fess up and get on with it.” Now there is an election for a new MP for Newark; the Conservatives have selected Robert Lenrick to run, Labour has chosen Michael Payne and the Liberal Democrats have not yet made a suggestion. Nigel Farage has decided he won’t run as he has practically no support. Instead, as he said to BBC One’s Breakfast: “We’re just over three weeks away from a European election at which I think UKIP could cause an earthquake in British politics”. When asked if he did not run for fear of losing Mr Farage replied that it was about “fighting the right battles” and that the next three weeks would be dominated by “Am I going to win, am I not going to win?”, and we wouldn’t be talking about open door immigration, EU membership and that most of our laws are being made somewhere else. Despite his policies I think Mr Farage is quite sensible to not want to go into the Newark by-election as opinion polls show that he has practically no support at all and has few connections with the East Midlands. If he did run then he would look like an opportunist who wants power and would be unlikely to get any more seats. Contributed by Patrick Blunt Football Racism On Sunday 27th April F.C Barcelona and Villarreal, two football clubs of the Spanish league, La Liga were engaged in a football match. It was during this event that the F.C Barcelona defender (a black footballer) had a banana thrown at him. This incident became headline news when in the 75th minute of the match the player namely Dani Alves who the banana was thrown at, then picked up the banana and ate it; he then carried on with the match like nothing had happened. Alves is believed to have been subjected to racist taunts on several occasions and is known to regard fighting racism as 'a lost war'. Apparently the act of throwing a banana at Dani Alves, was perceived as a racist attack. Racial abuse for black footballers in Spain is said to be common in recent years. Some players had agreed to pick up and eat the next banana thrown at them during a match as a means of retaliating against racism. This is exactly what Alves did. After the match a 26 year old man by the name of David Campayo Lleo was arrested and he will go to court and might even spend a maximum of 3 years in jail according to the article. I think when footballers have racial remarks against them that they shouldn’t worry over it and carry on with what they are doing as Alves did. To those who dislike black footballers, why support the team if you don’t like the players. Respect everyone like we do on Ascension. Contributed by Scott Coleman What’s next for Man United? When reading a sports article from the BBC News website dated: 30th April 2014 it was clear that David Moyes has made some controversial decisions whilst being manager at Old Trafford. He has spent a lot of money on the new signings like Juan Mata and Marouane Fellaini since taking on the job. Man United has failed to succeed in several games this season. Moyes has been severely attacked as a result of his poor management and at the end of April we learned of his sacking. Ryan Giggs was invited to take over from Moyes and he managed to win his first game. However, some believe that Giggs may not stay long term as manager at Old Trafford as there is some speculation of a new manager, the Netherlands national manager Van Gaal. It was reported that Van Gaal is hoping “to take Man United back to the top of the table by bringing in Mats Hummles the centre back from Dortmund, Hummles would replace the current centre back Nemanja Vidiã who is most likely going to finish his season this summer. If I do decide to buy Mats Hummles it would cost us a massive price tag of £30 million. I also hope to sign Adam Lallana the central midfielder from Southampton, at the age of 25. The last player I hope to buy is a left back from Shalka called Sead Kolasinac at the age of 18 who is a good individual.” In my opinion I think that it would be good for Man U to sign Mats Hummles because it would strengthen their defence. I think that they should keep Giggs in charge to see how he can perform in such an important role. David Moyes I feel underestimated the complexity of the job and therefore he didn’t do too well at the club. To me, Moyes failed to utilise his players properly and because of this Man United suffered a dreadful season. Contributed by Dominic Augustus Rare Visit to RAF Valley! There was a rare visit to RAF Valley recently, when a pair of Mirage F1 CR aircrafts flew over from Mont de Marson Air Base in the south west of France to the English base in Anglesey. The French Mirages were conducting an OTF (Overseas Training Flight) designed to expose them to RAF and UK air traffic control procedures and airspace. The visit was marking the last visit scheduled for the Mirage F1 CR’s to the UK, because this type of aircraft is due to be retired by the Armée de L’Air (French Air Force) later on this year. The Mirage is the reconnaissance version of the iconic French fighter plane, and carries a wide range of cameras, ground-mapping sensors, other sensors, and much more high-tech mapping equipment. Wing Commander Dan Beard, who is the Officer commanding IV(R) Sqn at RAF Valley said “The Mirage F1 CR has provided over 30 years of continuous service to our colleagues in the Armée de L’Air and it is appropriate that the last visit of this type to our country was marked by the Mirages being escorted through North Wales airspace by Hawk TMk2 aircraft of IV(R) Sqn.” I think that it is good that the Mirages from the Armée de L’Air flew to RAF Valley, as that promotes good international relations. It is also fitting that the Hawk TMk2 escorted the Mirages through North Wales airspace as a commemorative gesture. Contributed by Emma Murray-Stringer All too often we are so wrapped up in our own little happenings on Ascension Island that we fail to engage in anything else. We need to keep abreast of current affairs because we must always remember that sooner or later we will have to leave Ascension. Stepping out into the big world needs to be well thought about and having an understanding of current affairs through the news on radio, in newspapers and on TV is something that all children need to have some understanding of. Which news story intrigued you this week?


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