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Ascension : The Anglican Church of Saint Mary the Virgin
Submitted by The Islander (Mario Anthony) 15.05.2014 (Article Archived on 05.06.2014)

Poor Christian!

While a medic in the Royal Air Force I was over a ward in the evenings where priests and pastors came to visit patients. Whether the coffee in the office on Ward Seven was better than on some of the other wards I wouldn't know but often two or three 'men of the cloth ' would gather for a conflab. Great peals of laughter would emanate from within indicating that despite representing different denominations they got on extremely well together. Their obvious rapport threw a new light on the church for me, having previously only met people who claimed strict allegiance to one denomination or another. It was this background that prompted me, on going into hospital myself for an operation, to fill in 'Christian' on the form asking the patient's religion. It being a Christian based hospital the various ministers checked the denominations of the patients with a view to visiting their sheep. The first day after my operation while I was still drowsy they came past my bed one by one on their rounds. The second day an Anglican deacon who I knew well passed by again as did the other ministers. On the third day the deacon passed by, stopped and looked back at which I nodded. At my bed she asked, "You were not on my list, what did you put down?" "Christian," I answered, "Well what do you expect," was the comment. Poor Christian! The above and similar experiences of church and ministers make it easy and a privilege for me to welcome Christians to Saint Mary's irrespective of their home denomination. At present we have visitors enriching our church life and, by the same token, I hope and pray we are enriching their Christian walk. Welcome to St Mary's Church. Reverend Don Wittich, Vicar


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