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Ascension : Hash Trash:#1503
Submitted by The Islander (Mario Anthony) 27.02.2014 (Article Archived on 13.03.2014)

It was a smaller group than had been seen the past weeks, ˝ of the Hairy’s were missing, on the injured list, possibly another dancing accident?

Hares: Blade Runner

Hounds: Soggy Boozer, Bus Driver, Dead Gross, Idle Trekkie, Hairy Hal, Missing McGonagall, Snowballing Grecian, Grecian Granny Rations, Jacks  off all Trades, The Last Turtle Head of Doom, Flash Hash, Pestis Maximuz, Pestis Minumiz, Pestis Minutuz, Geoff and Jonathan

It was a smaller group than had been seen the past weeks, ˝ of the Hairy’s were missing, on the injured list, possibly another dancing accident? Freighters and other work accounted for some of the rest. There were also a couple of new faces; Geoff, who led to speculation that the Boozyclanchieftain had beenreplaced with a newer and fitter version and Jonathan, passing through in route to St. Helena.

 There was much discussion on the missing Hash Trash from the past weeks paper, apparently there were unknown technical difficulties but a surprising and disturbing amount of comments directed by non-hashers. Who knew so many of you read this!

After last week’s debacle with the aged and infirm, prior to the brief, trashrubbish bags were handed out to the junior membership. The brief itself was short, 6 or 9 circle checks, depending on how one counted a back arrow and a trail arrow (showing an easier route for any that wanted it). The usual litany of Ascension hazards, loose rocks, zombie rabbits, steep hills, the stray migrating male land crab,sharp plants, and a possible Fairy Tern attack.

The On-On sounded and off they went, first summiting South East Crater and enjoying the stunning views of the southern coast, from there the trail led down to the canyon and circled around Ragged Hill. After a pause to admire the views of White Rock and Pillar Rock and to listen to the sound of the mighty vuvuzela. Heading out from there the younger hashers started searching for a path up the southern face of the hill, after a few minutes the hash’sluminary called them back and pointed out the ignored back arrow. Retracing our steps back up the canyon and hitting the trail arrow  none of the hashers opted to take the easy trail , continuing back over the ridgeline and down to the parking lot, the hash arrived back wondering just what happened. This was a BladeRunner hash and it had been way too easy!!! However it did take us on a little travel route and had some exceptional views!

After a pause for refreshments the ancient naming ritual was invoked. A hush fell over the crowd. Sometimes naming’s are easy and other days themusesjust do not show up and there were more questions than answers. Should the sins of the pater be inflicted on the children? Did the English understand US Southern traditions? Should a hip hop lifestyle and casual disregard for the written word be part of naming?  Considering the age of the some of the crowd was Latin really a dead language? So after some discussion over just what to call what travels in a visiting  rug and comparing sizes Pestis Maximuz, Pestis Minumiz, Pestis Minutuz were born.

Next Week

Place: IDL Beach Hut


Hare:The Last Turtle Head of Doom

Bring a plate of eats


“A person can only read so many words in a lifetime. Your reader is choosing to read you instead of Shakespeare, Hemingway, Whitman. Humbly honor that and give them the best of your soul”

Owen Egerton


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