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Ascension : Hash Trash: Hash No 1497
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 16.01.2014 (Article Archived on 30.01.2014)

It was a small group of hashing denizens that gathered under the hashing banner unfurled in the Travellers Gym parking lot.

Hash Trash: 1497

Hares: Bladerunner

Hounds: The Last Turtle Head of Doom, Over-N-Done With, Missing McGonagall, Snowballing Grecian, Herr-Lien Disaster Chef, Haley, Diane, Scott and Paul


It was a small group of hashing denizens that gathered under the hashing banner unfurled in the Travellers Gym parking lot. A couple of new faces, still shiny and excited, unaware what a BladeRunner hash really entailed. Since it had been sometime since he had been able to set one, even a couple of the more recent regular hashers had not experienced the full treatment. The two more experienced and presumably wiser hashers did not runaway, but stood quietly as the hash brief was given. 6 circle checks, a back arrow and a false trail. Lots of scree, up and downs, Mexican Thorn, Tungi and even some barbed wire made up the hazards.  The On-On sounded and the band set off, out the gate and along the road before the trail headed off into the scrub and picking up the Lady Hill Letterbox trail. The first circle check allowed the hash to admire Snowballing Grecian work, and then headed up the mountain to the letterbox. After a pause to sign the book and admire the spectacular views found on the summit, the sound of the mighty vuvuzela could be heard echoing over the countryside. From there the trail led down the road only to run into a false trail sign (For those who don’t know, which included the author) it is three spots of hash. Returning to the last circle check, the real trail was picked up heading down the northern slope. After the usual assortment of downhill techniques the path levelled out then went up to the lower summit. Once again the sound of the mighty vuvuzela was heard causing the South Africans eyes to glaze over in a very disturbing manner and attracting the attention of feral youth.


Heading out again the hash almost missed the back arrow, although the belated realization that BladeRunner had not left the summit should have been a clue. Circling back the trail then took the herd down a narrow gully to the last circle check. From where the front runners spotted the feral youth trailing the last of the group, possibly looking for the weak to take down? Due to a variety of other commitments at this point some of the hashers, including your faithful scribe had to hurry on to the end of the hash. Some departed immediately with the slower joining the rest of the hash at Chez McGonagall-Grecian for the après before riding off into the sunset.


Place: Picnic Area of NASA road by Crystal Bay Cairn

Time: 4.30pm

Hare: Over-N-Done With

Bring a plate of eats.

*       "They tried to escape technology, to stay away from that and still have relationships with their fellow humans is very difficult."
Arthur Miller


1 Feb 2014

The World Famous Ascension

Red Dress Hash and Charity Ball

Hash # 1500


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