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Ascension : Hash Trash: Hash No1491
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 05.12.2013 (Article Archived on 09.01.2014)

This week saw a break from the usual spectacle of hashers hurling themselves up and down hills and scampering over lava rocks.

Hash Trash: #1491

Hares: No hare this week
Hounds: Soggy Boozer, Idle Trekkie, Small Balls, Mrs Palm, The Last Turtle Head of Doom, Diane, Eliza, Amy and Scott
Divers:Mark, Becky, Herr-Lien Disaster Chef, Dipstick, Bum Fluff, Gumby Two Scoops, Fondle my Eggs, Colin Ow-Ow, Steve, Willy, Chris, Bill, Kitty
Snorkelers: Clittles and Ebony
Apr¨¨s:Herr-Less Twitcher, Boozy Head, Bus Driver, Dead Gross, Flaming Crabs, Sue, Felicity, Dahlia and Leon

This week saw a break from the usual spectacle of hashers hurling themselves up and down hills and scampering over lava rocks. Instead a bunch of brave souls joined with the Atlantis Divers to join the Kit Kat operation to clean up the underwater area of One Hook.

As the divers spent time readying themselves for this underwater adventure, The Last Turtle Head of Doom spent time scolding Soggy Boozer for her lack of minions as Boozy Head, Bus Driver and Dead Gross had taken Flash Cake for their own impromptu hash from North East Bay to the Dive Club. Soggy Boozer assured TLTHoD that Idle Trekkie was ready to put in a good effort despite spending the night sleeping in a tree confirming what the hashers already knew that he is really a little monkey.
Eventually the sea was full of 13 divers with Ebony and Clittles keeping a watchful eye through their snorkels. TLTHoD, Mrs Palm and Small Balls manned the buckets to bring up the rubbish while Soggy Boozer, Diane and Eliza chatted and waited for the rubbish to come up.

Eventually, it was coming thick and fast and was quickly sorted out by our willing hashers on the table. There were a large number of fishing weights tangled in the line with assorted other rubbish for good measure. The miniature crabs were admired by all only to be devoured by the black fish when they were thrown back into the sea. Idle Trekkie did prove himself to be useful by taking the rubbish and weights up to the truck though TLTHoD learnt about the daily trials and tribulations that Soggy Boozer faces as each instruction had to be given to the smallest hasher present at least 3 times.

Once a significant amount of rubbish had been brought up the divers started to re-emerge. All were pleased with what a more pleasant environment there was down under the sea; better not only for divers but for the amazing wildlife down there.
Everyone returned to the dive club and TLTHoD did a splendid job of manning the flames. Beers were drunk, food was eaten and stories were shared with several hashers turning up for the apr¨¨s. Don¡¯t worry, they will be put to work next time.

¡°Don't mistake activity with achievement.¡±
¨D John Wooden

Place: Firing Range Hut, ( Left hand One) North East Bay Road
Hare:Soggy Boozer
Bring a plate of eats.


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