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Ascension : Hash Trash - Hash No:1384
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 03.11.2011 (Article Archived on 17.11.2011)

When Sniffy said he was planning a quick and easy hash, most people thought he was kidding (and must have been put off coming).

Hare: Sniffy.

Hounds: Simply Indiscreet, Mucky Digger, Mucky Princess, Old Golly Waddler, Wood ‘n’Pecker.


When Sniffy said he was planning a quick and easy hash, most people thought he was kidding  (and must have been put off coming).  He’d set off on Friday, cutting through fallen trees and clearing pathways but the growth was just too dense in places.   An alternative and quicker route was created on Saturday afternoon – just in time! 


At the Residency car park, extra time was given for those who needed to pull themselves away from the cricket.   The hazards were given as very little hash from here to the 1st circle check both for environmental reasons and a fear of running out of hash on route.  Two blobs were laid on steep drops and areas where paths have fallen away as extra warnings to ‘keep hold of the kiddies’. With that the On-On was given and unexpectedly, we set off up the hill, along the road then down the ramps.  At each bend, there was a hunt for hash wondering if we would be continuing down or off along one of the paths (the more down there is the more up there needs to be later). The first and only circle check was found at the picnic bench so we ‘all’ gathered for this week’s essential but brief history lesson on an old tower which once stood there.  Simply Indiscreet preferred to play trains with the little people.


Rather worryingly, the On-On was pointing back up the hill (all the ramps again?)  then along the Monkey Rock path.  Looking out and holding on for those dangerous double blobs one forgets to look out at the views around the island.  Landslides have moved the paths away from the dugout shelters but a diversion was created.   The architects were working out where doors, lintels and false floors had been while the geologists were examining the ash fall and larva content of the walls. The kids meanwhile were teasing a rather bewildered caterpillar.  On-on treasure hunting and discussing life onboard the Island barracks.  Under fallen trees and around fallen trees to the junction for Invalids path, the nature trail continued with the discovery of a tiny poinsettia plant.   On-On we went to the road then back to the cars.  Mucky Princess quizzed everyone with the list of wildlife spotted.  Sheep, rabbits, crabs, caterpillar, spiders, cockroach and a rat!  The orographic cloud (see last week’s Islander) was closing in, Wood ‘n’ Pecker started to get the stove out to heat the pumpkin soup but it was decided to move down into Two Boats onto a sheltered patio.  Kegs out, soup warmed and Pumpkin lantern lit.   


A short hash we were promised and a short but great hash was ventured.

Thanks Sniffy, so will you be promising the longer, hilly run next time eh?


Next Week:  Wood ‘n’Pecker

Turtle Ponds                                                                                               OGW

Bring a plate of eats


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