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Ascension : Hash Trash - Hash No: 1367
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 30.06.2011 (Article Archived on 14.07.2011)

Once assembled, it was explained there were two routes.


Hares:  Boy Racer, shark Tail and Baby Mohawk.

Hounds:  Unstopable Rider, Aloe  Gobby, Slippery Dick, Sniffy, Buzz Lightyear, Catwalk, Mirror Poser, Baggage Boy, Man Beater, Blade Runner, Mark, Thumper, , Gok Wan,  Mucky Princess,  Mucky Digger, Old Golly Waddler,  Emerus and Felicity

Apres:   Hyheena, Wood ‘n’ Pecker  and Messy Queen


A2 was the meeting place for the beginning of this week’s hash.  Concerned about the lack of prompt hashers, Sniffy went to stand outside and direct people onto the patio.  Poor Blade Runner had driven past more than once looking for the right house.


Once assembled, it was explained there were two routes.  A VERY short and EASY route for the children – definitely family friendly!  A really long and hard route for the FRB’s – or so we thought.  The on-on was past Uncle Fester’s lime tree and over the fence on the Eastern side of Two Boats village.


Up to the top of the first hill, the group split.  Children were called back into order and reminded to stick together.  Runners just ran off – downhill.  At this point it looked as if Thumper and her kids stayed behind due a light shower.  The afore mentioned light shower turned into  a soaker. Hashers don’t give up due to a little rain, but persevere even with wet undergarments. 


Runners were mildly confused by hash markings.  There is no mention of hash Xs on the official hash website!!  Perhaps an exclusive Asi  signal for ‘virgin hash layers passed out here’.  Anyway, the confusion delayed the front runners enough for others to catch up. 


Meanwhile up on the hill, little people were clambering stones, conquering peaks and SLOWLY making their way across the ridge above the Two Boats.  Thumper and children was spotted at the summit above the village  but cries of ‘Go Back’ were lost in the storm.  The girl don’t go down hills too well.  Approaching the Two Boats, Boy Racer was on her way to find out about the delay, BBQ was hot at the finish point and the end wasn’t in sight.  Off she went to escort Thumper down.  The whole event had proved better than BFBS for the village who were watching with bated breath through binoculars from below.


Diversions through the village to various homes for clean and dry clothes.  Georgetown folk just had to stand nearer the fire to dry off.  Best injury of the day was definitely Mirror Poser while catwalk had the fashion faux pas of white skirt and coloured pants – in the rain!


Hash business had to thank Boy Racer and family for an eventful hash, we did enjoy it and find new chunks of island despite the moans and teasing – don’t let it put you off setting another someday soon.  Thanks again!!



Mark was in charge of burning the meat, eventually found hashing and will now be alternating  hashing with football and work.  The shipwrecks ran out and marshmallows disappeared.  A mellow evening.


Next Week:  Setting off from the back gate of the beer garden on the base at around 4.30


There is no keg at this hash due to the 4th July celebrations – but meet up and join in so that  you can  justify eating extra chilli burgers and popcorn!


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