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Ascension : Hash No: 1342
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 13.01.2011 (Article Archived on 27.01.2011)

A welcome back to those returning from their Christmas holidays.


Hare:  Marlene and Once a Night

Hounds:   Lady go Diver, Hash Howler, Goat Chaser, Menoporsche, Mucky Princess, Mucky Digger, Wood ‘n’Pecker, Old Golly Wobbler, Argh Stoppit, Not Pinky Boo, Simply Indiscreet, Sniffy, Messy Queen, My Little Pony, Darren, Karen, Shaun, Heather, Jessica, Jaimie and Sophie

Apres:   Chris


A welcome back to those returning from their Christmas holidays.  A few virgin hashers and older faces met at Georgetown pool to find out what Marlene had in store for them.  Her very first role as hare.  She had promised a gentle hash but then rumour had it Once a Night had a few surprises in store too.  


Once hazards were explained and hash master explained what a hazard was and why it needed explaining, some of those virgins felt their need for the beer deepening – but no, before the reward the work must be completed.  There were to be four circle checks (not check points).  Poor Marlene was then corrected and instructed in the correct way to call the on-on.    Up the hill towards the pierhead following the bucketloads of hash.


The younger shorter legs took off up the slope towards the hospital.  Panic on Marlene’s face, they had found the return route.  Wood ‘n’ Pecker set chase and rounded them up after the graveyard. 


At the first circle check a reminder was given NOT to place hands on hips while waiting for the back laggers.  Little show offs like Jaimie were flaunting hands on hips and completing press-ups without  a bead of sweat.  The on-on was either across the beach dodging the waves or along the road keeping feet dry and firm.  The blowhole was performing well providing a distraction for some of the younger ones – they’d regret getting so wet later!


Past the beach hut and towards the steps, towards…Marlene’s cairn.  Everyone took a stone and piled it onto the fast growing heap.  Everyday when Marlene runs to this spot she places another stone on the cairn, it now looks as she’s been super fit lately.  The on-on once again was howled across the rocks, Shaun took yet another diversion, he certainly covered more ground then the rest of us and ran circles round the walkers and talkers.


The hash led from the path up to another rocky cairn where the little people found a cool box of … fruit juices and slices of orange.  Sniffy went for a closer look but there was no beer.  Press ups were performed by the guilty few (Messy Queen), others stood rigid afraid of being caught hip handed.  Refreshed, the on-on down the rocks, across the pipleline, across the road, round the hill, across the road again and towards the tanks.  Georgetown in sight  and the cool pool awaiting.   Pinky Boo’s mind was determinedly on the awaiting food.


Hash business had to be brief, the kids couldn’t wait to get wet but a naming is a naming and one must get wetter and colder first.  Nathaniel has been here three years and this was now his third hash.  He is known to be a crooner in school productions and so ‘Brown Eyed girl’or ‘Walker talker’ were volunteered.  Nathaniel gave a demonstration of why he would rather be known as ‘Snake Hips’ but  for obvious reasons ‘My Little Pony’ was the popular choice.  Forget throwing water at the victim, for this week the new hasher was thrown at the water.


Well done everyone for making it round,  though Jessica slept most of the route she joined in the celebrations of the après.  Thanks to Once a Night and Marlene for a great hash. You see, anyone can be a hare for a week! 


Next Week

Hare:  Sniffy and Dozy A’peth

Venue:  Nasa site  (to the left).


Bring a plate of eats.


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