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Ascension : From the Editors (Casey)
Submitted by The Islander (Islander Editors) 06.01.2011 (Article Archived on 20.01.2011)

Hello Readers, Firstly Happy New Year to all of you, hope you enjoyed the nice long Christmas Break.


Congratulations to the “Naughties” on your triumph win against the “Nineties”.


Someone told me the other day that they would like to get mentioned in the Islander for once so just for you “Hi Rickki” J


Hope you enjoy this week’s edition!



Name: Sarah Sands         Email:


I am looking to make contact with HH Michael & his wife Elizabeth Hill. I know they left Ascension in Sept 2008. I knew them personally while they were in Vanuatu and would like to touch base with them again. If you or anybody has any idea as to how I may contact them I would be most greatful for any assistance.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year, with Kindest regards,

Sarah Sands


Name: Jim Butterworth         Email:

Looking back through my photos taken on Ascension back in 1968-70 brings back many memories.  Can it be 40 years already since I left the Island ?

Knowing the longevity of vehicles on Ascension (I can remember seeing the old Austin sevens) I wonder if A42, my old LandRover, is still about ?

I went all over the Island on it after buying it off the BBC and visited English Bay; Comfortless Cove and high up Green Mountain on many occasions.  It took me for many happy days spent down on Postbox; Crystal Bay and Devil's Cauldron to name but a few.

There's nothing like Ascension and we tend to forget the weevils and outdated flat batteries that occasionally arrived up from South Africa.

So much variety in such a small area - wonderful - enjoy.

Best wishes from Jim Butterworth  (yes, still teaching swimming !)


Dear friend,
I am an Italian teacher with the hobby of
collecting STAMPED ENVELOPES travelled
through the mail from all over the world.
Although the use of electronic mail like this is
progressively cancelling the use of the old-
fashioned paper envelopes enclosing the
messages which now run through the net, I
am still interested in the few items which still
travel through the Post Offices. May I hope
you are in the position to send to my address
some of such envelopes instead of throwing
them into the dustbin?
Grateful for your help, please know that I am
not interested in cut-out stamps, but the full
I thank you for your kind attention and look
forward to hearing from you.
My best regards


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