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Ascension : News From St. Mary's:
Submitted by The Islander (Nathan Prince) 25.09.2003 (Article Archived on 18.10.2003)

Dear Friends, We all have days when it appear that things are not going right for us. Sunday was no exception for our Alternate Warden, Johnny. Believe it or not, it all happened within a short space of time in the Church.

First, there was a problem with 'George' which Johnny and Mark managed to sort out. The second problem for Johnny was more hilarious. Having heard what actually happened (by this time it had Cheryl in stitches) I missed the best part. All I saw was our friend Johnny walking in Church with the bell rope in his hand. Johnny, I am sure that you do enjoy the TV programme "You have been framed" so please donate the money that you will receive to Church funds.

On the first Sunday in October we will be celebrating Harvest Festival. It will be a parade service when the young people will bring their gifts for the Harvest Table and will also be involved with parts of the service. If there are any can foodstuff, these will be packed and sent to St. Helena at a later date. You will be pleased to know that our live band will be present to accompany the singing. Also at this special service we will be launching the "Planned Giving Scheme" that was mentioned several weeks ago.

The Battle of Britain service was well attended. It was wonderful to hear the male voices coming across very strong in the singing. Who knows, we might have some male choir members yet!!!

We hope to be bringing you some more surprising news through this page, so keep looking.

Enjoy your week.

Canon Clive


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